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Magento is the best open source software solution for online commerce. A large number of developers involved in the development of applications for the web shop resulted in the rapid development of this application and the status of the most widespread application for online sale of products. Magento is a highly versatile software focused on functionality, flexibility and usability. Its search engine optimization and a large number of useful functions for the web shop, as well as its variety, easy-to-install extensions, make it one of the most popular and most widely used eCommerce platform today.

Today there are a number of different platforms for the online store, but Magento is able to extract its innovative and functional solutions for online sales of all types of products, whether it is a virtual goods (software) or on a configurable products, eg. Shirts (choice of size and color ) or computer (select the amount of memory, disk size, etc.) or is it simply about the products and their attributes (make, model, manufacturer, specifications). One of the biggest advantages of Magento platform in front of other open source solutions is the possibility of adding and updating a large number of products (> 10,000).

Magento is set to release the full version of its installment, Magento 2.0, in Q4 2015. The Merchant Beta version was rolled out in July, and its features and advantages over its predecessor have been detailed in this infographic, made by Forix. Focusing on what developers and e-commerce managers can expect, this infographic highlights the advantages and benefits that can be gained when websites are upgraded to Magento 2. Check out the infographic below to know how Magento 2.0 compares to Magento 1.x in terms of its user interface, performance, and platform capabilities.