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7 Wearable Technology Jobs That Will Change The World


What we once could only read about in science fiction novels or see in the movies is slowly becoming a reality: technology is evolving in a direction that is becoming ubiquitous, and almost invisible – wearable! Computer chips are becoming so piece of clothing, glasses allow experience of augmented reality, while watches are transformed into miniature computers.

There is no doubt that “Wearable technology” is becoming the trend of the near future that will change everyday life such as, not so long ago, smart phones and social networks. The taste of tomorrow can already afford some geeks with little deeper pockets or some are visiting the world’s technological fairs.

Some analysts and journalists even believe that such smart devices could partly replace smart phones as primary tools of communication and considers that for several years a large number of people, instead of mobile phones could use watches and glasses.

What is now possible to find out is that Google glass contains lots of tools for entertainment, tricks, photo editing and many Facebook plug-ins. The nearest to business world, Google Glass at this point approached by application to search the golf course. However, it will certainly change. The wearable technology companies will soon offer the ability to access, share and data management. See below infographic that shows which wearable technology jobs will change the world:


Infographic source : Adecco USA