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Content Marketing Ideas

There is so much content online, that it can look scary if you want to make sure that the message of your brand doesn’t get lost in all the internet noise. Sometimes you just can’t believe your eyes as it seems that every marketing idea you had was already available somewhere. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have hope, thanks to technology. We are living in digital age where you can have unlimited access to knowledge and resources. I would like to quote style icon and fashion designer Viviene Westwood that once said: “You will have more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes ”. This can also be applied to marketing online. If you create impressive content you will have brand that’s more interesting. So what can you do to create content that will get your brand noticed? You can start by looking what other people are writing about online, start emulating them or even do a better job.

Does the content you have on page defines the needs of people? To make it more fun you can create a fun quiz. This will help you to segment your visitors. Listen what people are asking for or asking about. This is really effective and simple form of content marketing, because you’re listening to questions and responding back to your audience with value.

And why not to draw something in a style of a comic strip? Everyone loves comics, so if you are able,  present something that you want to say about your service or product with comic. If you get opportunity try to interview the successful people of this industry, the people who changed or still changing the game.

Your audience is probably dying to learn something. This may sound little fluff but, be authentic. People just love to hear good stories. We are looking for stories in all kinds of things, this is because it can give us feeling that we are controlling the world. This doesn’t mean that you need to invent fictional stories. Talk about your opinions, struggles and journey. In this way, people will emotionally connect with your brand, which is very important for success in the online world, and in the business world in general.