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Choosing The Right Microphone

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What type of microphone is best for me? I’ts a very common question that people ask. First you must consider for what purpose your microphone is going to be used and how big your budget is. Are you going to use it for profesional speaking, vocal recording, home studio recording or you are just looking for all around microphone that will perform good each of these tasks. If you are planning to use one at your home, it doesn’t make sense to buy high priced microphone, the sounding vocals would not be perfect like the ones recorded professionally in studio. First recordings of the sounds are dating 100 or more years ago.

People tend to think that if our technology is so advanced, then microphone would be able to pick up all the music sounds our human ear is capable of hearing, however it’s not that simple. Our ears are capable of blocking or ignoring inner ear delays of sound, acoustics or frequencies. Microphone is working very differently to human ear. My advice is that you trust your ears, the one you like, is probably microphone for you. Im not really into singing even though I wish to have some singing skills. I like to sing karaoke but I sound very bad ,so I’ve never entertained myself with singing microphone.

One particular microphone stood out from rest when it comes to speaking, it is also perfect for your PC desk or work desk. Even though it’s little pricey you possibly cant go wrong or buy better then this one. His name is Blue Yeti Pro. It’s absolutely amazing.  It’s actually a USB microphone, I just love its design! This is actually company that’s producing various versions depending on your budget. Other models are less price but still great quality. I saw lots of people using these microphones when recording videos on Youtube. It’s immense difference when comparing this microphone to some other middle ranged ones. You can find it on Amazon.


Picking the right microphone for vocal recording is not an easy task. Since there are many vocal styles of singing, one microphone is not enough for every situation. There’s a few common genres in music industry and for each one should be used different microphone.

In Pop and RnB style vocals are most important thing in a song, while for Rock or Classical singers can be different, for example if classical singer is recording a song, microphone is placed further away from him when Pop artist is having his microphone close to his mouth. Singers are using dynamics microphones in live sound situations. Of course what also makes it different is that some people have really deep voice and some thin, or singer recording song in studio or performing live on stage. All this is very important, just like the style of music they’re singing.

If you are in any case a vocalist, it could take you lot of time picking the right microphone. If you don’t sort out your position of microphone or acoustics, there’s not going to be lots of difference between using cheap and expensive microphone. You can also ask your friends what types of mic they use, do an old fashioned research, it should pay off. If you are new in this field maybe going directly to professional audio store is a good idea. Sound is really objective, in the end  you want microphone that will provide what you need, so good idea would be buying differently types of them and setting up controlled test by putting the same sounds through each one. Don’t rush and don’t apply fast thinking and rules when it comes to this, as it goes with any art.

The vocal microphone you’re recording with, can make your project successful or break it completely. I like to say that microphones have a kind of soul, they are reading you in some special way, when you fall in love with one, that’s it. 🙂 Below you can check out the infographic to learn more about choosing a right microphone:

choose the right microphone