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Wow Classic vs Shadowlands – 2024 Comparison Guide

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Blizzard has decided to brighten up the end of 2024 for all fans of the World Of Warcraft project and release a long-awaited extension called Shadowlands. Now that we can finally take our gaming equipment in hand and subscribe to the long-awaited version after a few delays, now is the time to consider new content.

The story in Azeroth is slowly developing, showing the potential to attract even old users who have long since given up on the game, disappointed by the constant failures. There is no doubt that big and exciting changes are coming in different segments of the game, changing the content of the endgame and changing the dynamics of playing, but also implementing innovations when it comes to levels, selected servers, and many other things. Searching for WoW boosting services like raids, dungeons runs or leveling carry? Try Leprestore and get your character boosted tonight!

Entering the Wow world can also be confusing for potential new users who are unfamiliar with history. But also for regular passionate players who will have a hard time deciding which version to choose. Both Shadowlands and Classic have unique specifications that suit different target groups of users. Which version you choose will depend on your personal affinities. To help you make an easier decision, we’ll go through the specifications of both versions and their basic differences with you, so take a look at the guide that follows.

Wow Classic

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Let’s clarify things right at the beginning. There’s nothing exotic in the name Wow Classic so many beginners are led to think it’s a monotonous and old version of a game that no one plays anymore. Actually, it’s an improved version of the originally created game, which is still increasingly popular in the world. It’s especially valuable to the first players, seniors, who are still loyal to the Wow Classic, no matter what.

However, if this is your first experience with one of the world’s most popular entertainment for gamers, you may need a little education to get started. Take some time to study the history of World of warcraft before you definitely opt for the modern version. Go in order, because that way you will best acquire the skills and potential to be among the most successful in that. We will try to help you with a small recapitulation.

LFG (Looking for Group) allows us to easily find teammates and form a team. Unlike older versions when you had to put more effort into it, now this tool will easily connect you and other random players.

First of all, it should be pointed out that the classic version initially implies the absence of guidelines and help. The player has to rely mostly on his own skills, which makes it more challenging compared to the modern version. The mini-map in the corner of the screen didn’t provide an answer to the question of what specific tasks are. No useful guidance and information can be obtained in this way. The player is required to blindly follow all instructions. What you can see on the mini-map if you’ve followed all the instructions, is the yellow dot that will be your guide towards the end of the mission.

The next specificity is the ability to communicate exclusively with the players with whom you share the server. This way you could agree in advance with the team to which server you will join. This also made it possible to get to know other people better.

Another feature is the frequent PVP fights

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Professions and the possession of certain skills are the keys to success because it enables the making of weapons and gaining an advantage over other competitors.

You could move up to level 40 and slowly, move the boundaries as the excitement of the growing danger grows.

Understanding classes is another key strategic skill that could have brought you to the very top. With a good knowledge of classes and races and how they combine to obtain a winning combination, your contribution to the team reaches a whole new level.

It seems that the slower dynamics of the game have bought many users. However, some would like to make the tedious routine more interesting with occasional boosters. Piratebay-Service.com could probably help you with that.


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We are moving to a modern version that once again pushes the boundaries of expectations and provides an even better user experience. All those who are addicted to excitement, love a dynamic pace, and want to know what is new and improved should pay attention to the following paragraphs. Changes have been made in many aspects.

Let’s start with a new tool – LFR, as well as the introduced flight capabilities that further improve the dynamics of the game and the quality of events. While some have accepted this change and consider it a great refreshment, enthusiastic players do not agree with that.

The developers have also paid attention to technical details, so you will easily notice the improved quality of focus. The visual and voice effects are really impressive, which is why we recommend playing in 4k resolution.

In this version, you are also able to see players who have accessed the game from other servers, which wasn’t possible in the classic version. The Cross-Empire option definitely expands the insight into the situation on the map.

Unlike the classics, retail provides insight into the list on which your missions are located. The yellow dot function takes on even greater dimensions here. The modified functions of the mini-map are the biggest surprise and the most impressive difference. Now your tasks are visible on it.

Wow in retail is also characterized by the speed of level crossing and movement in general.

The obsolescence of the profession is also a novelty. Are you surprised too? We were. However, the developers thought that the few professions that remained in the game would be enough to meet certain needs. In any case, you can neglect these skills because they will no longer be a crucial element of the game.


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Now that you see the specifics of the classic and modern world of warcraft, it will be easier for you to understand which version best suits your affinities. It’s hard to answer questions about which is better or which should be your favorite. You simply have to find yourself either in the role of a traditional enthusiast or in the role of an addict to exciting changes. It’s all up to you. After all, whatever you choose you won’t go wrong because fun is guaranteed.