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Earning Gold in WoW Shadowlands – 2024 Guide

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Irrespective of your experience playing the World of Warcraft game, you should remember an important rule: gold matters. At this point, the player should acknowledge that the task may be challenging and impenetrable, but the struggle is real. At the same time, there is hardly anything you can do without gold in the game.

Buying items for new legendary elements from other players, purchasing boosts on Buy-Boost.com, making investments, and other activities requires your gold, which means you should make maximum effort to keep earning it throughout the game.

How is it possible to earn gold in Wow Shadowlands? Check out some of the most effective and beneficial ways to relish every single stage and aspect of the game, getting richer and using your resources for the advancement of the character.


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It is impossible to deny that farming is the fastest and simplest way to make gold in the game. The process is quite easy, especially if you have a specific profession. Besides, you can just go and kill mobs, selling the items you farmed on the AH. Adhering to the route, you have an opportunity to get a considerable amount of gold, but you should also be attentive to other specifications of the process.

Farming is not only a beneficial experience but also time-consuming, so you should be 100% sure the time you spend is worth the gold you get. What is the best way to farm? As you get more experience in the game, you will find out an increasing number of options that will help you succeed earning gold. However, at the initial stages, you should view herbalism and mining as the key alternatives. At this point, it is inevitable to mention that prices for ores, leather, and herbs remain high, irrespective of all the conditions.

For example, the cost of the herbs ranges from 90 to 150 gold for a piece, while the cost of the exclusive herbs can reach 500 gold. Additionally, mining remains one of the most profitable ways to get gold, as the ores are highly valued in the game, and their price can reach 300 gold for a piece. If you are looking for more options, you should view selling leather as an option.

The cost of this product varies from 30 to 380 gold per piece, but it is still one of the most advantageous ways to advance your profit. How can an inexperienced player take the maximum advantage of WoW Shadowland farming options? Surf the web, watching videos and joining the farming groups that will draw you to the desired results much faster. Additionally, search for hints on the places where the resources can potentially be spawned.


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Have you already gained a profession in WoW? That is the right time to consider it, as it is an impressive way to become richer, getting more gold. An ability to transform the raw material into a well-designed item is highly valued in the game, providing you with 15-50% profit. Generally, it is indispensable to be attentive, searching for the most demanded and appreciated tools. In the overwhelming majority of instances, purchasing materials for 50 gold, you can sell the crafted thing for 57 to 75 gold, which is quite a good income.

Irrespective of the beneficial features, crafting may not be as easy as it seems. First, you need to get a profession and then start developing it so that you can get a higher interest margin. At this point, it is critical to remember that your qualification matters, so you need to advance your skills to succeed in crafting and selling your products. Do not rush into the crafting process, but rather analyze the market first.

Make a few things, posting them on the AH for sale. See what items are the most profitable and demanded so that you can focus on crafting them. If you could never have thought that the choice of profession in WoW is as significant as it is, you should take your time to learn the available options so that you can get the best one. Keep in mind that determination and goal-orientation are the features that can help your character prosper, earning more gold.


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Unlike farming and crafting, flipping has nothing to do with the advancement of skills or the development of the character. It is the best match for experienced players who are ready to take risks and accept challenges. To cut a long story short, flipping is about purchasing and reselling the item.

The main task of the player is to find the best offer, buying things at low costs. Once you succeed with this stage, you can proceed to the next one, selling the same item at a comparatively higher cost. Irrespective of all the risks and pitfalls of this method of making gold, it remains one of the most effective and demanded ones.

New players should better start with simpler and more beneficial ways of making gold, as flipping is challenging to get into. You need to spend too much time searching for sales, buying chip goods, and waiting for the appropriate moment to sell them at a higher cost. However, if you manage to succeed here, the margin can reach up to 100% and more.

Searching for Rare Mounts

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If none of the options mentioned above seem beneficial for you, there is another alternative to consider. Players who have completely no desire to advance their mining, herbology, and flipping skills can still earn some gold. Searching for rare mounts is also an exacting process, but the possible result is worth an effort.

Keep in mind that some mounts are more expensive, while others are less, but still you will have an opportunity to get profit for any. Finally, it is inevitable to highlight that gold making is challenging and almost impossible without specific tools. Therefore, irrespective of your choice, you will have to make an effort to learn specific skills, get some items, and advance your chances to become rich.