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A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Vaping Device – 2024 Guide

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Vaping is very fun and very popular in 2024. And the industry has plenty of ways to provide you with an awesome experience. Thus, the need to inform people of what vaping is and where to get their first device is very important.

Fortunately, the industry offers users to choose from a variety of vaping devices, giving you plenty of options.

This article will be your beginner’s guide to the matter. Stick around as by the end of it you’ll know exactly how to choose the right vaping device.

Box Mod

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The first device on this list is the Box Mod. You might’ve heard about these being quite big and bulky. Well, this is perhaps the characteristics that many people will not prefer in a vape device, but there is a reason for it.

Namely, this device comes with a huge external battery that powers it and provides energy for hours on end. It is a device that has the longest battery life before needing to recharge.

Also, controlling the temperature with this one is quite easy, as the voltage can hit anywhere between 10 and 300 watts. But the most impressive feature on this device is the fact that it has a built-in safety feature that protects you from various scenarios.

The only drawback to Box Mods is the fact that it has a somewhat higher learning curve than others.

Vape Pen

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You’ve all seen them and you’ve all heard about vape pens. A vape pen is a vaping device that comes with a tank or cartridge, a battery, and various features that make it a superior product.

The best feature about this product is the fact that it has a built-in mechanism that automatically shuts it off whenever you’re not using it.

Most of these are also designed to be charged in a number of ways. Apart from the obvious way, you can also plug in a USB charger into the 80-watt battery.

Vape pens are very convenient as they don’t weigh the same as Box Mods and they’re nowhere near as bulky. This makes them great for keeping in the pocket and pulling whenever you feel like vaping.

Portability is the biggest strength to vape pens, but it has pretty insignificant battery life. With that said, the USB charger port means you can carry an external battery with you and simply plug it in whenever the battery depletes.


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The Cig-A-Like was a vaping device marketed to be the next big thing in the industry. It was actually the first one that came out and the shape and size of the thing really resembled a real-life cigarette.

Although it looked like one, it really failed to captivate the users as it had pretty horrendous battery life.

Newer models do a better job at it, but you should really avoid this one if you need it for longer usage. Unlike a vape pen, this one doesn’t come with a USB port for charging. This means portability and charging are a real issue.

With all that said, there are some pretty good reasons why Cig-A-Like’s are excellent vaping devices.

It is the best and easiest way for you to learn how to vape. And while they are indeed very portable, they are also very easy to use and offer mount-to-lungs inhalation.

The product also comes with a few sets of cool features such as LED lighting and a cartridge that can hold up to 25 mg of nicotine. It might just be the best thing to try for first-timers.

As always, it would be quite unfair of us not to recommend the best vaping products on the market. If you’re interested in that, then you can find vaping products at a bargain with these deals.

Mechanical Mods

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A device that has no safety precautions whatsoever, mechanical mods are predominantly made out of a battery, a case, and an atomizer.

If you have tried vaping before, then this might well be the best product to get. If not, then the learning curve can be quite steep and unfavorable.

The battery of these is quite strong and makes for some pretty long lifespan. Also, mechanical mods are great for those that are interested in customizing their vaping experience by building their own atomizers and coils.

As we mentioned earlier, avoid using mechanical mods if you aren’t particularly skillful in vaping nor have any interest in making your own parts.

Pod Mod

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And lastly, we have pod mods. Looking at these will remind you of another device we mentioned on this list. Pod mods resemble Cig-A-Like’s. With that said, the pod mod is a direct upgrade on it as it is the improved version.

But what exactly makes it better? Well, for starters, vape juices with different flavors can be added to the cartridge of the thing. Although pod mod’s come with somewhat poorer battery life and only 16 watts of wattage, the wide option of flavors and nicotine juices make it an interesting option.

Similarly like a Cig-A-Like, there isn’t that much difference between ordinary smoking and vaping pod mod’s. One drawback is the fact that the nicotine can be very strong and is not advised for beginners.


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From the five options that exist, different ones will appeal more to different people. Fortunately, options exist for all ranges of the spectrum.

If you’re a beginner, then there are options for you. If you are experienced in the art of vaping, there are options for you. If you’re interested in longer battery life, or higher wattage, or even customizable parts, then there are options for you.

At the end of it, vaping is meant to be fun and accessible for everyone. Luckily, the industry has you covered.

Before we finish off, always make sure to purchase quality vape juices and never settle for anything below par. With all that said, there are plenty of juices and flavors to pick from.