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2016 Survey: Developers Around The World

2016 Survey: Developers around the world

Developers around the world lead lives which are not so different from what we imagine to be. A lot of them, despite cultural boundaries, regional differences, and many other separations, share numerous similarities when it comes to their work – coding. The following data has been collected through the 2016 survey conducted by Stack Overflow which was answered by 56,0,33 coders in 173 countries. The data shows many facts about developers, their lives, the languages most developers code in, and a lot more.

2016 survey - developers around the world

  • Developer occupations
    • Most developers consider themselves a ‘full stack developer’.
    • A full stack developer is someone who can code in 5 to 6 major languages comfortably or frameworks.
    • 36 per cent of the world’s developers called themselves full stack developers.
    • 16 per cent of those who answered the survey were back end developers.
    • 15 per cent developers are students.
    • 11 per cent developers are mobile developers.
    • 9 per cent answered the question by calling themselves desktop developers.
    • 7 per cent of the total were front end developers.
    • Remaining 7 per cent answered the question with ‘other’.
  • Most popular technologies
    • JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language used on Earth.
    • Even though it is a front end language, back end developers are also more likely to use it than any other language!
    • 30 per cent of the developers who consider themselves full stack developers said they used JavaScript the most.
    • 37 per cent of front end developer use JavaScript the most.
    • 24 per cent back end developers use JavaScript the most while 11 per cent of mobile developers use JavaScript.
    • For full stack developers as well as back end developers, SQL was the second most commonly used programming language (21 per cent and 23 per cent respectively) while Angular was the second most commonly used programming language for front end developers (15 per cent).
    • For mobile developers, the most commonly user language was Android (24 per cent) followed by Java (21 per cent).
  • Age, experience, and education
    • Most developers fall in the age group of 25 to 29 years (29 per cent).
    • Most developers have an experience of 2 to 5 years (32 per cent).
    • Most developers are self taught (34 per cent).
    • Only 17 per cent developers have a bachelors degree in Computer Science.
  • Work
    • 70 per cent developers are employed full time.
    • 13 per cent developers are still students.
    • 7 per cent developers are Freelancers.
    • 4 per cent developers are self employed.
    • 48 per cent developers rarely work remotely.
    • 22 per cent developers never work remotely.

A coder has a life which is full of learning. Technologies keep changing and any developer will have to accommodate herself to the changes or she will be left behind. Developers around the world want to maintain a work life balance, earn money, and keep learning.