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Social Media Platform Comparison 2024

Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is one of the most important parts in marketing. It has the power to get you lots of improvements and increase your earnings. But, which social media platform is the best for you? Which platform will give you the most? Keep reading to find out.

Based on some studies, over 95% of marketers use social media platforms as one of the parts of their marketing but only 15% know which platform is the best for them. To fully understand everything you should first learn what social media marketing can give you:

  • Brand building – you have the option to increase the popularity of your brand and show it to people who use social media. That is very important because new users will be able to get more familiar with your product and it will make it more accessible for them.
  • Loyalty – brands that are active on social media platforms often get more loyalty from their customers then other. Some studies say that over 50% of people which follow some brands on social media are more loyal to them.
  • SEO – you probably know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important parts of the website you are building. With better SEO you will get higher rank which means more traffic. Activity on social media platforms are also important with SEO ranking. All the strong brands use social media and Google and other search engines could improve ranking of some brand if that brand is active on social media.
  • Communication – social media can serve as the communication channel between you and your customers. Every time you make some interaction with customer you must understand that it is an opportunity to make him happy and improve your relationship with him.
  • Cost – some of the best social media marketing experts need only about 6 hours per week to generate more traffic for their brand. And all of that without paying for anything. And if you want to pay for an expert it won’t cost you a lot.

Now that you know what social media activity can give to your business it is time to hop on that train and start building your brand. But now you are probably asking, which social media platform should I choose? Thankfully for you and for everyone there was a large number of studies that gathered information and showed us lots of details about everything. I will tell you a little about every platform and I hope it will help you to make your decision.

First let’s start with some more general stuff. Some studies say that Facebook has about 1.28 billion active users monthly. Quite a number, right? Facebook is followed by Google+ (540 million), Twitter (255 million), Instagram (200 million), LinkedIn (187 million) and Pinterest (40 million).

Monthly Active Users

So you can see that Facebook is the most popular social network. But the size shouldn’t be the only factor to influence on your decision. You still have to ask yourself some few question like:

  • How old are your customers and do they have accounts on these networks?
  • Can you maintain your channel or channels well?
  • How active is your competition?

When you answer those questions it is important to know which gender prefer which social network, what is the average age of people on that networks, how much do they earn, to they live in the city or rural area and some other stuff.

Social Networks Genders

Social Networks Ages
Now that you know all the basics it is time to look at every social media network.

Is Facebook for you?

Large number of users, most popular social network, presence of all the biggest companies, but is it for you? If you want to advertise your products to a targeted group of users. You have to pay for that, of course, but it is worth it. If you want to build your online presence and present yourself to some large community then Facebook is also the best choice for you.

Is Twitter for you?

Twitter should be your number one choice if you want to reach both genders and younger people. If your website is an information site then Twitter is the perfect solution for you. Another great benefit of Twitter is the option to improve communication with the customers. Just like Facebook, Twitter is also very accessible and you can easily respond to any questions and comments your customers make.

Is LinkedIn for you?

LinkedIn is the best solution for all the business types. This social media networks offer large access to information like networking, job hunting, productivity and similar stuff. If you have B2B company then look no more and create your account on LinkedIn.

Is Google+ for you?

Answer to this question is very simple. If you want to impact the SEO of your website and brand then you should definitely pick Google+ as your social network. Don’t think that this is the only reason, there are lots of other reasons to pick Google+ but SEO is the main benefit of this network.

Is Instagram for you?

Instagram is becoming more and more popular and lots of people use it. But what about companies? If your business is based on photography and that kind of stuff then you must pick Instagram as you social media network. You should also combine it with Facebook or Twitter because it will work out great.

Is Pinterest for you?

If you have visual stuff in lots of your content or you have customers who like to express their opinions through images then Pinterest is the perfect solution for you. Pinterest is also very popular among women so take that in mind when you decide to make your presence on this social media network.

Well that’s mostly it. Now you know all the basic information about social media networks and you learned what you can get from each network itself. These are just mine recommendations and this doesn’t mean that you can’t use Google+ for your photography business but Facebook in combination with Instagram will probably be a better solution. If you have more time then you can easily combine more social media networks and have your presence everywhere. So, what are you waiting for? With every minute you wait your competition is becoming more popular on every network. Good luck!

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