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Why everyone loves infographics? – infographic


What infographics actually are?

Infographics are graphical representation of a creative, fun and easy way to visually displaying complex data and information, primarily for the web environment. In the battle between images and words, images always wins. Why is this so? It might have to do with that people are primarily visual creatures.

Infographics can be used:

  • When introducing new products or when comparing with similar products
  • For comparative data analysis and statistics
  • To illustrate the guidelines for the use of products / services
  • In the modern form of Press Releases

This article you decided to open because:

a) you love infographics or
b) you want to know why everyone loves infographics.

The explanation is more than simple, and it would be even easier NEOM Studios decided to explain this love by infographic.

Did you know that 70% of the human sensor is in sight? You know we’ve got 150 milliseconds to process symbol and only 100 milliseconds to interpret it? Do you just “browse” with eyes through the text and can’t wait to get to the infographic? Probably! We will not bother you any more, see why we all love and remember things which are explained through the pictures:



You can also check out this interactive infographic.