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How to disappear online in nine steps – infographic


Regardless of what many identify Google to the Internet, things related to your personal information on the “network of networks” are far more complex and if you want to completely disappear online, here’s how to do it …

Since the introduction of the famous “right to be forgotten” law, which allows you to ask Google for deleting all the data relating to you from the search results, many thought that it will completely “delete any mark” from the web. Unfortunately, the story is not nearly so simple, because if you really want that anybody found anything about you on the internet, you’ll need a little more effort and “dig” far deeper than request to Google. These nine steps in infographics which we provide will help you if you want to realize the decision of disappear online, but ultimately the length of the process itself depend largely on how information about you is “on-line”.

Depending on how many profiles and on which social networks you use, whether you active under your real name or a pseudonym, what you do, whether you have signed into forums, directories, various portals, did you leave your information, email address, phone number and cell phone … Some things you will delete without too much hassle, but for some you will need “tons of nerves”, but if you truly want to become anonymous on the web and delete all related things to you, you have no choice but to put a good, good effort. This infographic, therefore, brings nine, not just simple steps to disappear from the internet. If you are determined, read and go …