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Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tool

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Infographics are great marketing tool

We as humans are population that are visual learners. Our eyes are brain’s extension. So if you consider this in mind, you can benefit from this if you are publisher or managing some business. There is a huge data demand, especially for content which is interesting visually. Can you just imagine how much information is transferred and generated on a daily basis? Researches are showing that content can get up to almost 2 billion individuals creating unique information. Add to this almost 2 million videos and over 140 million tweets every day. This means you could easily got lost in market, or harder to find by your customers. So it is of immense importance to create infographics that will last as a good visual presentation. You can grab someones attention with presented infographics.

What are infographics?

You need to use infographics if you are struggling with efforts in content marketing. But what are infographics exactly? It’s effective way of mixing best of pictures, design and text so when data is presented it tells a good story that will catch audience’s attention. If you combine all of this well, it can be very powerful tool that will help you in getting through jungle of information. Infographics that are designed well can increase awareness of your brand and traffic by at least 12 %. Materials with visual elements for content marketing can generate up to 94% of more views than just content or simple text that doesn’t contain any images. So the idea of infographics as a whole is creating content that’s attractive to much people, and then if it’s successful, visitors will probably share that infographics through their influence circle or networks. This can result in your content going viral.

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When your infographic goes viral, it’s a big chance it will get you business. As infographics are created with your personal contact information, when it’s shared it can generate even more views as long as those who shared can link it back to the original source which is you. This will increase your search marketing results. You can even get to the point where around 60% of consumers will probably contact you back for their specific needs. As a matter of fact, your infographic can become so popular that not only it performs good on digital market but also can be applied to brochures, printed materials and many other offline tools, especially for companies that are still using these methods as their marketing. Infographics can also make you look like an expert because you will know every information that’s being presented on it and this will increase your reputation as an owner of business.

Why infographics?

It’s very important to make an effective infographic but give it a unique twist and touch. If you use something that is not ordinary it will be surprising and surely more interesting that will draw interest of your audience even more. Infographics can also be tracked with analytics, so every time someone shares, clicks or views it can be measured. This will also help you understanding how customers think and behave so you can make even better infographics. The key to succeed in this marketing field and environment is knowing how to give content and get attention or interest from your customers and infographics are one of most effective way toward this goal.

Have you already used or created infographics? And did they created and drove more traffic to your business? If you want to learn how to make one, you can check this article. Also, for better start in creating infographics, I prepared some great infographic elements which you can include in your design, check them out below:

Infographic flat elements

infographic elements

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Minimal Infographic Pack

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Minimal Infographic Pack includes 8 templates in flat style (3 color versions) and 49 icons pack in modern thin line style. Set contains infographic banners with arrows, circles, cycles, squares, rectangles, ribbons, hexagons, bar graphs, pie charts, timeline, map, area chart, rocket, teamwork template, devices, website constructor, pyramid, brain, puzzle and another geometric shapes. Enjoy this stunning and stylish graphics. Can be used for web design, timelines and workflow layout. Preview and download here.



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Love Travel Infographics Design

Love Travel Infographics Design

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