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7 Reasons Why Infographics Are Great for Your Content Strategies in 2024

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If you think that infographic is a thing from the past, you may be partly right. Infographics have been overused in 2012 by everyone since they allow to make a simple representation of data regardless of the theme. Bloggers, marketers and professional writers used this feature for fast and comprehensive visual explanations, which are easy to make. However, such popularity caused a great number of low-quality graphics and simply made them saturated. It is a common thing when something increases in quantity and decreases in quality.

The main problem of marketers, who adopted infographic as the main tool was their attention rather to the format than to the content. Most of them didn’t really care about the information they publish. They just wanted infographics, since they were perfect to land links.

Still, infographics can be effective even now, if you use them properly. Let’s discuss how exactly they can help you improve your marketing strategies.

Visuals are easier to perceive and remember

Images are processed faster and better by brain than texts. This is the main reason why infographics are still perfect to increase users’ engagement. We are overloaded by textual information every day and it is no wonder that our mind becomes tired of it. When it is tired, it starts to reject boring and repeating information, which is hard to perceive. At the same time, images are more entertaining. They are always easier to comprehend. For most of us, visualized information seems clearer and more attractive than any other format.

Infographics are brief

Long-reads are not for everyone. Most Internet users avoid articles and blog posts that require too much of their time. Therefore, infographic is a perfect way of content optimization since it allows a brief and comprehensive way of representation.

Infographics tell stories

As we have already said, most marketers see infographics as instruments for land linking. However, their main function is to tell stories in a visual format. Stories are more important than design and when you tell them in a visual way, they do become alive.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using infographics for links, however, you should remember that their main purpose is storytelling. They have been initially invented to do this, therefore, this is something they can do best.

Infographics are easy to share

As you may know, users share visuals more often than they share texts. Blog posts, tweets, and Facebook posts that include images attract more attention and people share them willingly. As you know, when you create something people want to share, this makes a half the work for you as a marketer.

So why don’t you make infographics and share them across social networks to launch the word-to-mouth strategy? When you make them bright, funny and good-looking, people will gladly send them further and further, letting your content reach the audience you could never reach yourself.

Infographics increase your authority

When you present information in a format of an infographic, it starts looking more reputable automatically. Just think about famous people in business community. Let’s say, Larry Kim or Brian Dean. They are using infographics actively and this format allows them look as better experts for sure. They combine amazing design and useful content to craft infographics and it looks very professionally. As a result, audience perceive them as better pros in their sphere.

Infographics can be amazing sales tool

Visualizing how your goods and services can serve customers and solve their problems or make them happy is a perfect sales strategy. If you don’t have time and equipment to record a video, you can always visualize your products in action by means of an infographic. It is much more powerful than writing about the benefits, features, and reasons to choose your service among others. Infographic makes it clear and obvious from the very first sight and potential buyers will have an impression of your offers instantly. This gives you a real superiority over those competitors, who ignore the amazing benefits of infographics.

Fewer marketers use infographics nowadays

The trend for infographics has decreased and, therefore, less and less low-quality ones appear on the web. Well, not only low-quality ones but any of them. It means that if you create an infographic for your blog, website or online shop, nobody will say, “Oh, God, not that stuff again!”

Now infographics are rare and they have chances to attract people’s attention. Just be sure that you include not only a bright image but also an informative content.

Summing up

Like any other marketing tool, infographics are effective only when you use them in a right way. In fact, despite all the nuances of the format, it is a great format of data representation. You shouldn’t neglect such an amazing marketing instrument, so use them wisely and when applicable! We bet that your marketing strategy will become even more fantastic with infographics!