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Which Streaming Service Is The Best

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Days when people had to rent or buy DVD at store to watch their favorite TV show or tune in to live program to watch football game are long past already. You can now stream all your favorite content to many devices including TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet. There are many streaming services to choose from but few of them deliver what they promise and are worth the price. For most people YouTube is most famous streaming service and it’s free. There is also YouTube Red version that is paid service. But, there is a whole another world online when it comes to streaming web content. Services ranging from music videos, TV shows, movies and many more. Streaming services are investing millions of dollars in buying original content to build bigger libraries for streaming.

Streaming services are investing millions of dollars in buying original content to build bigger libraries for streaming. One of biggest advantages of streaming online services is that they cost nothing comparing to cable service.  So if you are coming into world of on demand multimedia, it can be a bit confusing to decide which streaming service is going to get your money, as there are many questions that people are dealing with when choosing. Services like this are greatly improving the way we access the available content. Lets go in more details about top streaming services and see what we can expect from each of them.

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First on the list is of course Netflix. I think this service is what I like to refer as grandfather of all streaming services. They provide almost unlimited offer of movies, TV shows, comedy specials and some of their original series. If you are in US you have biggest choice, every country has a different set of streaming options. Honestly, all other services don’t come close in terms of quality, performance, consistency and selection of content available. There’s an option to create up to 5 profiles for 1 account, so you can make sure that each person in house have their own content and it doesn’t mess with yours. Netflix can be watched on any device that has internet connection so you can access it through gaming consoles, smartphones, streaming boxes like Roku or Amazon Fire or simply watch it through your PC or TV. You also have a kid selection that’s presented on menu screen with program and movies suitable for kids. I am using Netflix and I like the quality of videos, they are HD 1080p with 5.1 surround system but you can set in what quality you want to stream depending on your internet speed and provider. This is for me overall best streaming service.

Next on the list is of course Amazon Prime. If you are shopping much through Amazon, best option for you will be this streaming service because for $99 dollars a year you are granted one free Kindle book for each month, free two day shipping on whatever you buy and unlimited access to Prime Video and Music. Amazon has similar offer of contents like Netflix, because they have a deal with Viacom and they control programs like MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and many more. This service probably has best selection of children programs and comedy movies. You also get to choose from unlimited selection of HBO’s biggest classics like TV shows The Wire and Sopranos. I can say that Amazon Prime service is best streaming service for families.

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Next on the list is Hulu streaming service. This will be your option if you want to stay up to date with all the newest released TV shows, most new episodes of your TV show are already available on Hulu next day after it was aired. They offer you most series from major networks, except from CBS’ programs. They have entire shows seasons so you can watch it fully to the end. If you live in US, Hulu is best for accessing BBC content. Hulu also has big choice from classic anime series which is really surprising. Hulu is great for you if you are more of a Cable TV person, but even without cables, you will see ads from time to time. Content is available in 720p HD resolution.

Finally we came to last contender and it’s HBO NOW streaming service. I think that is worth to mention, rather than iTunes. It was first launched in US, providing American people with access to all original shows and movies in premium catalogue without the need of subscription for TV cable. Of course, it offers all content from HBO library, from documentaries, movies, series. It partnered with Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Pictures. There’s really plenty of stuff to watch. So there is nothing to not to love here, because it’s all of HBO in one streaming service.

So there you have it, these are most popular streaming service providers if you’re thinking to cut the cord, which one deserves your money?