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Cookies for monitoring in the service of powerful companies [infographic]


Cookies but not as delicious snacks but “server cookies” are not a secret. They consist of coded data and mostly serve the same purpose even though do not necessarily have the same functionality. They are used for many years to monitor the marketing and research scenarios.

The European Union passed a directive on web cookies to all pages that use them notify visitors. Surely you have noticed that when you open certain websites at the same time appears a notice of their existence. If you don’t want the web page you visit to record your data, you simply don’t have to give your consent. Also, you can control the settings for cookies, remove, and configure your web browser to your preference.In that case you may need whenever you visit a Web site to manually adapt a particular service, but some functions may not be available.

If you agree to, you will receive a transient cookie or from a domain placed directly on the web analytics tool. The latter is used by many popular sites including Gmail, Yahoo, and Facebook which follow our behavior for marketing purposes. And how exactly it looks, check out infographic below – Cookies for monitoring :