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What smartphones reveal about us for the purposes of advertising [Infographic]


There are several ways in which our smart phone can be traced to the need to collect data for marketing purposes, but also for other…

The development of mobile technology and appearance of smartphones and tablets in combination with the internet and social networks emerge a new trend among advertisers, but also among the consumers most of whom unknowingly participate in the whole process. The process of which we speak is called: viral marketing that occurs with share, like, pin and similar terms which are enough known to everyone and there is no need to explain further. Marketing experts do different targeted ads in the form of pictures, videos and text in a short time (if they are successfully communicated to the target group) became an absolute hit among users. The key to the whole process is that consumers or clients want such events that are fun and useful.

Our data of the type of device, operating system, keywords related to search, demographics, thematic web pages you visit and like, are part of a marketing campaign to attract the desired audience and sending targeted mobile ads. If you’ve ever searched for some product, whether on a personal computer, laptop or smartphone and thereby use the Google search engine, internal search engine on Amazon or eBay, you must have noticed that a few hours later stared jumping out various related ads related to previous search, or similar products.

So this is a typical example of how your data thanks to the famous cookies, is used for advertising purposes. But if you used a search engine on your smartphone, then we can say that a lot more elements were “against you”, sending naughty marketing team a variety of information about you.

You’ve probably noticed that lately most of the website throws a message about some cookies. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer while you surf the Internet. Websites using cookies can remember your preferences and activities.. Website “knows” that you have been here before and in some cases adjusts what you see on the screen. For example, it can be used to remember the contents of your shopping cart in the webshop.

Cookies can be used to store passwords or form that you filled out (for example, when you type in your name or address on a web site). Some cookies are complex, can remember how much time you spend on each page of a website or which links you clicking. Generally purposes of cookies is well-intentioned, it can not be harmful and can not carry viruses and enable the user to have a better experience when surfing. Technically cookies are not a secret and are used for many years, large companies are using your name, email address and other information for targeted advertising their products.

Infographic “What smartphones reveal about us” below will help explain this: