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Facebook IPO vs Twitter IPO Infographic

Facebook vs Twitter IPO Infographic

The euphoria of the first day’s Twitter shares trading was widely disturbed by media and critical comments from analysts who thought that the share is much too high valued, especially now, when Californian company still does not make a profit. As Twitter IPO infographic explains, while Facebook is generating positive profit, Twitter is loosing money.Twitter’s turnover is growing very rapidly and at a given moment they have the investments and each additional turnover is also additional profit. However, profit will need to be of advertisements. But high amount of ads won’t make users happy… Here are some facts and numbers comparing two social network giants in one easy IPO infographic.

Initial Value

As Twitter IPO infographic reveals, Facebook had an initial value of $38. Twitter shares value at the time of the opening started from $26.However, stock has risen tremendously and by 12:15pm PST,Twitter had surpassed Facebook.

Twitter rised 2.1 billion vs Facebook’s 16 billion

Twitter was able to rise $2.1 Billion, which is almost 8 times less than Facebook did last year.However this number makes Twitter third-largest IPO in US. Google still is the second largest internet IPO with $1.9 billion, if you take inflation into account.
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