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5 Infographics about Facebook


Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Scale and popularity of this social network inspiring people to create infographics and represent huge numbers in a nice and infographic way.
I don’t think facebook is a problem. The people are the problem. We turned the facebook into a goblal addiction. I find it very useful, to talk to people I don’t see in a while, and to study as a group. I do not love facebook, by felt a need to make one for these aspects. Also, I don’t spent more than half an hour a day on the facebook, I don’t upload too many pictures of myself and nor have a facebook app on my cell. You have to control your facebook, not letting the facebook control you.

Facebook Infographic

Facebook Facts – Video Infographic

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

Facebook IPO Infographic / Videographic

Facebook infographic №2