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What Content Types Should You Create?

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Not all content is the same. Each content type has its own advantages over other content types. The most highly rated content marketing tactics are in-person events and e newsletters. There are many other content types which have gained popularity and offer numerous benefits.

It is a very subjective discussion and one cannot clearly explain which content type is better and which is worse. However, what one can do is draw comparisons based on certain parameters such as time and money to create said content, how effective it is etc. Here is an overview of some common content types.

  • Blogs
    • A blog is an online hub where subjective opinions are posted, ideas are discussed, advice is given out, checklists are published, and more.
    • The benefits of using a blog is that it leads to increase in search rankings, facilitates community building, and allows for thought leadership. In fact, many content marketers think of their blog as the cornerstone of their content marketing.
    • The costs of outsourcing a blog vary from low to moderate.
    • A blog is easy to start but it can become a challenging task to maintain it.
  • Articles
    • Unlike blog, articles take an objective view of things and address the audience with precise information and helpful lessons.
    • The benefits of using articles is that they lead to increased search rankings and give way for thought leadership.
    • The costs to outsource an article is usually priced by length and vary between low to moderate.
    • Writing and publishing articles is not difficult and an effective strategy.
  • Infographics
    • Infographics provide a visual representation of data, ideas, and stories which makes it easy for people to interpret even the most complicated information.
    • Infographics offer great benefits since they can communicate a lot of information in small space.
    • The costs to outsource infographics are high.
    • It is not an easy task to create infographics as they require design expertise.
  • Videos
    • Videos are a visual way of communicating ideas which can happen through the use of animation, demonstrations etc.
    • The benefits of using videos are many. They can be highly engaging and appeal to all. Mobile users would also like to view videos.
    • The costs to outsource videos are usually high.
    • The difficulty to create videos can be easy but can also be very challenging. Usually, it varies.
  • Podcasts
    • Podcasts are audio programs which can be compared to radio segments.
    • Podcasts appeal to mobile users as they like the ease of listening to these audio segments any time they would like to. Podcasts happen to be in demand but remain under utilized.
    • The costs to outsource podcasts range from moderate to high.
    • The difficulty one faces in podcast creation is that it can be very time consuming.