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How To Create Influencing Content Targeting Influencing People 2024

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Influencing content is integrated into Google’s search algorithm. It is no secret or mystery that Google really cares about the customer experience. That being said, I think I cannot stress, how important content is.

This article will help you understand the concept and the idea of how to create influencing content. As you might know when it comes to marketing strategies and SEO campaigns many people scratch their heads. Others might claim to know it all. I have listed a few bulletproof tactics used by experts on Moz, well if you do not believe me, try to believe at least someone.

Influencing Back Links

Influencing content

You often need content and in fact very good quality content to reach and gain authority and position on the search engine. However, without the backlinks, this would be “mission impossible”. Allow me to put this into perspective. Let’s say, you have written a very good article with outstanding findings based on your extensive research with lots of graphs and charts representing interesting numbers and facts. The next step would be to post this article on your website/blog, or a well known digital publication like the doe. Naturally, if we take a big authority website. It would not take long until this new content starts to gain a position on the search engine. Accordingly, some shares, likes, and buzz on social media.

The reason for this is very simple. The new content has already visibility, because of the authority of the website in question, and will be seen by the influencers such as Bloggers, Editors, Authors, Journalists, Researcher etc.

These folks are the people who are the target audience for your new extensively researched article. If your content is giving the answers to their questions, you will naturally gain backlinks from other authority websites. How simple is that?

The situation is very different if your website is new and it does not have the authority to interfere with the ranking process naturally.

However, this certainly means that you have to put more extra work to get your work seen by the influencers. I am going to try to explain a few tactics to create influencing content targeting influencers.

Influencing Content and Tactics

Realistically once you have conducted your research then collected your data and completed the analysis. Your next step will be to break down the information and write it down in simple English. You cannot simply publish all of your findings on the internet expecting people to find it and understand it.

Data and Statistics

Your articles supporting the data and statistics should be written well without all the technical jargon. You should avoid going deeply into very technical topics without proper introduction. I would personally recommend keeping the articles tidy and directly to the point. I would also recommend creating interactive charts graphs on intuitive level. This will help you not only to present your finding well but to gain popularity and honourable mentions. What would be the point of you wasting all these resources to complete the research and at the end exposing raw materials that none would understand.

If you expect these articles supporting your findings to be found by the influencers, you might wait long time. These articles needs to be internally optimised for the specific long tail keywords. Usually you should try to rank for very hard long tail keywords. For example, including “graphs”, “charts”, “data”, “analysis”, “keynotes” etc.

Why would it work?

The answer is very simple. There are thousands of influencers performing their own research in order to complete their articles. The searches are for these particular keywords mentioned above, they are not that many in comparison to other high volume keywords.

You should be aware when giving a title to your articles they should be specific. Try to put yourself in the shoes of searcher and perform a search on your own. Examine all the search results that google is ranking. Read the comments and if people are suggesting something else as feedback try to implement it into your article.

However, this should not actually put you off. Your work should be available at the right time and moment. If your data is presented with nice graphs and everything makes sense not only to you but to others. You could simply say: “Feel free to link to this graph using the original source”.  Everyone likes FREE data and everyone will link back to you.

Influencing visual content

visual content matters

If you experience difficulties to write an article to support your research. Alternatively, you can use visual content to target these influencers. I have to agree sometimes. One thing is better understood if you visually explain by presenting it perhaps.

I recently wrote a short brief guide “ how to start a successful YouTube Channel”. YouTube is one great place to start chasing all the likes and shares besides you can also earn money, while you are trying to capture some attention. It is completely Free to advertise and promote your visual content.

The idea here is to create amazing visual content catching the eye. You should try to explain your findings and idea very simple so people can understand you. You should pay attention to how you present it, however the idea of this article is not to teach you “how to create visual content”. If you want to learn more about that, please refer to my guide.

The visual content it is not only limited to video. This includes the images, separate presentations etc.

Google images

The graphs and charts, I mentioned earlier they will all be picked up by the search engine if they are optimised correctly. I have to, say influencing content is not only the articles. It is also the visual element of something. Nowadays, people do not have that much time to read an entire article. Infographics are one of the latest and most beneficial ways to promote your content and research findings.


Many people disregard or underestimate the power of Pinterest.  Pinterest is very powerful tool. I will explain why. Many visual content elements are picked up by Pinterest. You will not believe how many people would go for an inspiration on Pinterest. Right there it comes your time to shine with your visual content. I want to highlight no matter who it is, even artists look for an inspiration somewhere. When it comes to marketing, you need all the shots you can find.


I have mentioned earlier preparing a presentation and creating a video for YouTube. You can also use that exact same presentation twice actually with SlideShare to create that influencing content. The beauty about the SlideShare is that it creates each individual slide into a different and independent image visible in Google images, how cool is that?

Why would it work?

Every single tactic mentioned above is necessary and will pay off in a long term. As I have already mentioned above. Everyone is seeking some inspiration and ideas to start. If the visual content is visible on many of these search engines, you are increasing the chance to gain one more positive back link and grab the attention of the influencing content writers.



This is more advanced tactic however it might be very powerful depending on the circumstances. You are simply required to go and express valuable counter opinion on the topic of your researched niche.

The reason, I have mentioned that this might be classed as high advanced tactic is because, you might create an entire conversation with your counter opinion.

Why would it work?

When it comes to reaching journalism. The journalist will look into both worlds regardless the issue. You can fill that gap by creating different controversial opinion on the issue. The end goal is to rank on Google for these long tail keywords. Often these keywords might be very competitive. However, making an effort to reach the top of the search engines with your contra opinion might be very beneficial and help you get these much needed back links in order to own influencing content.

The most common platforms to contradict an opinion and express your vision is the social media networks. It is great place as you might be able to reference your opinion with your own research that you have created and trying to rank for.

Overall there are other ways to attract the attention of the influencing writers. However, if you try to focus on the above mentioned as a beginner you might gain success without the need to implement other tactics. I hope this will help you rank your content high on the search engines. Please comment and share if you liked this article.

Any suggestions and counter opinions are welcomed.