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What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Company

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Large companies use color to make their brand recognizable worldwide, but also to give customers the feel of quality of their products. The brand colors are of great importance. Studies have shown that as many as 80 percent of visual information that people can remember are in connection with the right colors.

When a company uses the red color it means that wants to present brand like powerful, exciting and passionate. Red branding color are using companies like Virgin, Coca-Cola and Louboutin. The green color indicates youth, health and care for the environment. With this color are associated Starbucks and Garnier.

The blue color represents trust, integrity and communication. This color is used for social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Companies that want their brand exudes luxury and elegance are using purple. Thus, by this color are recognizable Cadbury and Milka.

Black color for recognition are using Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Gilt Group. This color indicates the glamor and exclusivity. Yellow color represents playfulness and friendship. Which is used by McDonald’s and IKEA.

Companies use orange to indicate communication, fun and playfulness. Orange uses the children’s network Nickelodeon and JBL. Pink is the tenderness or sex appeal, depending on the shade. By that color is a distinctive brand Victoria’s Secret and Hello Kitty. Brown represents safety, reliability and heat and it’s used by M & M’s and UPS. For more about brand colors, check out the infographic below:

what branding colors say about your company