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Crazy Socks Colors Worn by People Indicate That They Are Brilliant, Creative and Successful

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Crazy socks colors are necessity for people with creative minds, individual and independent personality. We usually dress up by following certain written and unwritten standards. By simply dressing up and wearing the regular grey or black type of socks, we accept the fact that we want to be accepted by the society and often fear to express our personality.

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However, fearing to wear the whacky and crazy socks can actually put you in the situation, where you are seen as a regular individual with simple social status and you might not be such a person. How many times have you stopped thinking, no I cannot wear that?

Crazy Socks Colours are the Chance to Show Huge Potential

Our deep fears to be part of the society are being programmed, since very early age. Perhaps you do not believe me? If you do not believe me, believe the facts!

School uniforms are one of the modern ways of the society to take the freedom of the kids and their individuality. The argument to wear uniforms is actually to prevent bullying between kids. However, strong evidence suggest that bullying appears among kids regardless.

When someone does not comply with the rules of the society, they can be seen as rebels, outsiders, crazy and weird. However, wearing crazy socks colors is seen in a totally different perspective.

Socks are not the most obvious part of our clothing. They are unintentionally hidden, under other piece of clothing. For those who can spot them, the socks can unveil fresh piece of our independent individuality.

What Would Crazy Socks Colors Say About You?

A recent study published, despite our confronting attitudes has investigated that the people who actually do not follow and comply with any social norms can be seen as higher social status and more competent than people who comply with the social norms.

So what does that actually say about you and your crazy socks color?

This means that, you have simply stopped following the social norms by wearing the brightest and the craziest socks you could find available.

You have now the opportunity to be seen as an independent individual.

Think of a man in the corporate world specifically dressed up in the most expensive suite with screamingly bright pair of socks, for example, yellow. This bold move will actually mean that this person is not ashamed to express himself and the deliberate choice of socks says that he is creative and proud person.

Crazy Socks Perception

Wearing these crazy socks color might be due to embodied cognition.

This concept comes from a study by Dr. Adam Galinsky, who says that if you wear white coat that is considered to be Doctor’s white coat, your ability to listen and to pay careful attention to what is said increases rapidly. However, wearing the same white coat and you believe that this coat belongs to a painter the situation changes rapidly and we observe exactly the opposite.

Now the same concept implemented to very colorful pair of socks might indicate to other people your social status with the image of creative personality and success in some way. Taking the bold moves to wear that kind of socks, indicates sharp and creative thinking of a leader. It means that the person is not simply afraid to express opinion and eagerness to take the lead.

However, if you stick to the plain black and grey color of socks we see the person who wears them as regular untrustworthy dependent individual.

I personally love the idea how wearing different type of clothes in different colors might be interpreted in the society. I have walked the same roads for several years in different type of clothes. The experience, I have observed was the following: The days, I wore regular t-shirt, jeans and white socks did not bring any recognition in my personality.

However, the days I wore a dark navy suite with black shoes and stripy colorful socks showing from beneath my trousers brought me different type of experience.

People on the streets stop the car for you to cross over. Your colleagues make you constant compliments and give you the admiring look, when you engage with them. Everything changes immediately, from the way you see one person to the way, what you think about them.

So if you are a rebel like me, do not be afraid to wear you bright socks at work next time. Do not be afraid to shout out load your independent personality with the clothes you wear. By going forward and acting brave, you might create a respectful social status in the eyes of others for yourself.