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Better Salary Negotiation via Email: How to do it Right – 2024 Pros and Cons

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For reasons unknown, asking for a larger salary is always a problem for most people. Many of us have a certain barriers when it comes to asking for more money. Some people do not feel comfortable asking for a raise or a better salary in person. However, what happens when you are negotiating a new job and you are discussing your salary via email? When is the right time? What do you have to offer in return? Is it even polite to ask for more money? This article will show you when, how and why you ask for a larger amount of money for the job you are going to do.

Is it ok to ask for more money in the first place?


If you ever wondered if it would be rude to ask for a better salary, then the answer is NO. Asking for a larger paycheck is normal and people do it every time. The manner in which you ask for it matters, though. More than often HR officers will offer you a certain salary and benefits but there is usually room for an upgrade. The initial offer that you receive is barely ever the final offer. That is why you have every right to ask for more money or ask for a certain benefit you feel your position deserves.

Of course, there is also the question of your position with the company, the company status, etc. The higher you rank the better the chances are that your request will be met. If you feel that your position deserves a better pay, do not hesitate to ask. In addition, if the company is just starting its business this is the best time to ask for a better salary, especially if you bring in the experience needed. Startups offer better negotiating terms than companies with some miles behind them do.

Therefore, to recapitulate and answer the big question-it is alright to ask for a better salary.

The perks of negotiating your salary via email

As we said earlier, some people have a problem with negotiating their salary in person or over the phone. They get nervous, cannot come up with the right thing to say or the right way to say it. The list of issues can go on forever. Negotiating your salary via email, however, has its advantages.

  • More time to concentrate and think what you are going to say.
  • You can write and delete your text if you feel it can come out wrong.
  • You do not have to answer the same moment. You can do some research; see how much a job like that pays usually.

On the other hand, looking at the person you are talking to can mean a lot during negotiation. You can track a person’s body language or facial expression and see if you are on a right path. This is something that email negotiations take away from us.

Things to consider while negotiating better salary

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It is not enough to just be polite and ask for more money because you think you deserve it. It takes more than that if you want to get the money you ask for.

Consider your experience

Think about your position in your new firm. Are you moving from one company to another? Did you already work in the same or similar position? These are all the arguments that you need. Write an email that will point out all this and try to explain how your position ranks higher on the market.


Dear (Mr/Ms _____)

Thank you for your job offer. I am very satisfied with the job description and the position you have for me in your company. I would love to be a part of your company and influence its growth.

Before we go through with signing the offer, I would like to discuss the salary you offer. The position you offer demands experience and qualifications that I possess. However, the average salary for this type of position ranges from ($_______) to ($________) which would be more acceptable to me.

Once again, I thank you for your offer and hope that you will see my request as reasonable. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Best regards,

Consider other options

If you have more than one option, compare the offers and see which one is better. It would be best if both offers relay to the same or similar job.  Feel free to compare the two offers, compare job descriptions and explain how important for you is that their offer prevails.


Dear (Mr/Ms_____)

Thank you for your job offer. I find your offer tempting and I would love to be a part of your team. However, I have also received an offer from another company that made me a similar job offer but for a larger salary. Their offer stands at ($_______) per month.

I consider your offer my first choice and I would love to accept your offer if you could match the salary I mentioned above. I understand if the price goes over your budget so I would like to express my will to negotiate that price. I am flexible and sure that we could reach an understanding.

Hope to hear from you again very soon.

Best regards,

Consider the actual job description

Sometimes during the interview, we realize that the job description holds more than what it initially showed. In cases like that, it is recommended that you ask for a better salary.


Dear (Mr/Ms_____)

I would like to thank you for the opportunity your company has given me. I am optimistic about my new position and the results that I hope to achieve at your company.

It has come to my attention, during the interview, that the job description we initially discussed includes more obligations. This presents no particular issue, as I feel fully confident that I can meet your expectations. However, due to the position and the amount of work that it requires I feel that a more substantial salary would be in order. I ask you to, please, consider offering me a better salary due to challenges that this position holds.

Feel free to contact me if you are willing to discuss this matter. I am open to all suggestions.

Best regards,

We saw some of the options you should take into consideration when you are negotiating your salary. The examples are there just to show you the tone and the form that your email should have during the negotiations. Always remember to have clear arguments for a larger salary, without that it would not be smart to ask for more money.

It is not only the money you can ask for

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Depending on the company and your position, there are a lot of rewards and benefits you can have for yourself. Think about those, if you are not comfortable with more money or if you feel that the company’s budget cannot satisfy your demands. Here is a short list of benefits you could ask for, but keep in mind that not all companies offer the same benefits.

  • Training allowance or career development stipend
  • Early performance review
  • Company car
  • Expense account
  • Early performance review
  • Travel privileges
  • Relocation allowance or assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Training certifications
  • Child care
  • Signing bonus
  • Company stocks
  • More vacation leave
  • More sick leave
  • Gym memberships


Asking for a better salary via email is an ordinary part of job negotiation process. Feel free to express all your concerns, not just those regarding the paycheck. You can ask for better hours, more benefits, etc. Just keep in mind if the company can deliver your requests, if your position allows you a special treatment and if you actually deserve it. Always be straightforward, polite and considerable.