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Is Cancun Mexico Worth Visiting in 2024

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Although you will usually hear a lot of comments on Tulum, and if asked, people will often say they have Tulum on their bucket list, Mexico offers a huge variety of astonishing landscapes, places and hidden gems that will make any vacation special and unforgettable. Cancun is one of them, and it is fighting for the throne with Tulum. It is almost equally popular as Tulum and it’s known for the fact that it has grown enormously from an ordinary resort destination to a premier one! It is one of the world’s most famous destinations, especially when it comes to vacationing, escaping in nature and enjoying the unparalleled environment. This town offers a plethora of activities, for both adventure lovers and the ones who seek peace, comfort and relaxation.

Unique history

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One of the promising and certainly one of the top five most wanted global destinations, was once a deserted island that no one knew about. It was just a wild spot with jungles, dunes, beaches and marshes, unexplored and unknown. With its Caribbean beauty, it’s a part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It was firstly inhabited by the Mayan civilization, and then it became occupied by Spanish people. This island was named by the Mayans, as they saw it as a “nest of snakes”. Later on, the name remained, and we now know it as Cancun. Does it mean that there are still so many snakes on the island? Not really.

It was not until the twenty-first century, when the Mexican government actually recognized the potential this location has, and they decided to develop a strategic plan to transform this destination into a travel resort. Unfortunately, investors were too afraid to invest their money in this location. The first hotels in this area were built by the government itself. If you visit Cancun, you will be able to distinguish those first buildings from the others. However, they are only 40 or 50 years old, since the very beginning of constructing tourist and residential zones took place in 1969. For the next 20 years, there were several phases of work and every one of them led to what Cancun is today, and that is the nation’s most prosperous, dynamic and inviting city!

What’s there to discover

Whether you are a fan of beautiful seasides, delicious food or vibrant nightlife, this town offers everything you can imagine and even more so there’s something for every taste. Considering the location of this city, it doesn’t come as a surprise that beaches along the hotel zone are the world’s most beautiful coasts. Something also important for visitors is the magnificent climate, along with nature’s beautiful turquoise water and breathtaking white sand.


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It’s hard to imagine doing anything else in Cancun, when there are numerous lovely beaches available. Some of the most prominent and certainly most astounding ones are Puerto Morelos — famous for its fishing and snorkeling activities, as well as Playa Forum — with fantastic nightlife and lively restaurants, Playa Delfines, a peaceful oasis with little to no people and charming local food spots, and Isla Bianca, with gorgeous surroundings and sparkling sea waves.

But other than just resting, relaxing and tanning, you can indulge in numerous fun activities such as snorkeling or scuba diving and exploring the landscapes, plants and sea animals.


Number two of the must-see things on our list is definitely the shopping experience. If you are a shopping enthusiast, you won’t be left disappointed because there are a lot of shopping spots in Cancun and you’ll find not only the world-renowned, international brands that can be found in the Forum by the sea or in Plaza Las America, but also the local shops and small manufacturers at Kukulcan plaza.

All of this will offer you a huge variety of diverse products to choose from and most certainly — a lot of high-quality shopping. If you need souvenirs you will be able to find authentic gifts to amaze family members and your friends. There is also a food market to surprise you with the freshness and deliciousness of produce and food that can be found there, as well as other unique items that can be bought only there.

Other attractions

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If you want to visit Cancun because you want to have some time for yourself relaxing and beach swimming or shopping it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore more. In Cancun, there are several must-see places that every visitor has to seed before they leave the island. Some of those places are several interesting archaeological spots such as Chichen Itza — the most famous Mayan ruins in this area, El Meco site, Cenotes Dos Ojos or Isla Mujeres, as well as several Mexico’s charming ruins in ancient cities such as Tulum ruins, Mayapan or Coba. You can also take a helicopter ride over the island and enjoy all the gorgeous views from above. Discovering cenotes is also on the must-see list both because of their beauty and the fantastic photos you can take — if you’ve seen some stunning photos on Instagram, they are probably taken in Vallavloid! If you are a fan of museums, you can visit The Maya Museum in the very center of Cancun, or the Cancun Underwater Museum. For animal devotees, there is Urbano Kabah Park, with a fascinating zoo, with species you may have never heard about.

Is it safe to go there in 2024?

Despite the pandemic Cancun is open for all the guests that want to have a great time. In this city, there are some safety protocols of course, but they’re not limiting their visitors in any way. Cancun visitors will have to take certain precautions such as getting tested and having a negative Covid-19 result, as well as wearing a mask and social distancing. Other than that there are no requirements and you can plan your vacation with no barriers. After you get there, you will have to complete a questionnaire about your health, and you will have to go through several health checks but that is all you can expect. All of these measures are there to make your travel safe and you stay even safer. When it comes to hotels, according to the recent visitors, their safety protocols are on the highest level including their hygiene measures and discipline of their staff — wearing masks and gloves.

Great deals in 2024

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Just like other travel destinations, Cancun was closed during the pandemic, but now it’s reopened and it means that they want to attract more tourists and therefore they offer great deals in 2024. Before you decide to travel to Cancun, you might want to check them and choose the best hotels, operators and airlines for your trip. Click here to find the best hotels and other deals for your vacation.

Although there are rumours about drug cartels and high crime rates, you don’t need to be concerned about this because you will be in your hotel, with a tourist guide and you’ll be completely safe as long as you planned out everything beforehand.

So is Cancun worth visiting? The answer is yes!