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Phone Support Do’s and Dont’s

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Phone Support Do's and Dont's

Having good communication with your customers is one of crucial parts of your whole business. You are doing it each day. Whether its through advertising and marketing or exchanges in customer service. They way you engage with everyone sets the overall tone and atmosphere of entire relationship between business and customer. Obviously there are things you should not do and things you should do. The core part of phone support and communication is all about being concise, clear and honest with everyone you talk while maintaining understanding and friendly persona. I have to be honest and tell that customer service is really bad in my country. It’s bad on the web, on the phone, in shops and even through the mail.

Understanding the do’s of phone support can be simply explained in one sentence : treat everyone as the way you want them to treat you. This probably sounds bit like cliche because you probably already know how to talk with your customers and how business is treating you . But the key part here is to balance this so you can effectively use time of your employee while following terms and rules on the customers. The first thing that people notice is the tonality of your voice, and this is what sets the mood for conversation. Even though tonality can vary from different brands, you need to maintain kind motherly tone, especially when dealing with communications of a customer service. You should not point directly that customer is wrong but try to show them better what is causing his confusion.

So how can you help them? First you have to repeat the requested question, and sound that you understood it. Then try to acknowledge what’s the real problem and finally provide solution to it. Be flexible also. This is not a weakness but positive thing because sometimes, you can offer customers new solution or even go beyond your own rules to win that customer back, or give them second thoughts. Be as clear as you can while talking with customers. Provide photographs, details and even directly link them to the subject of communication. If you practice this do’s you will provide customers with excellent service and your business will star to shine.

On another note, there are things that relating to clarity, flexibility and tonality that you should definitely try to avoid any time possible. It’s negative to have offensive rude or impatient tone while you’re talking. Avoid words like unfortunately or no and never tell them directly that they are wrong. Flexibility in customer service is important but don’t use it too much as you can eventually provide someone with too much complicated solutions that they get totally confused. Sometimes it’s better to be simple then flexible.  The key thing here is that customer communication doesn’t have to be hard. Having your own business you can create own rules of communication where you can try to practice these lessons. Just keep one thing in mind. Your business are your customers, without them your business doesn’t have a heartbeat.