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Practical Tips to Reduce Stress During Divorce – Be Prepared

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It can’t be denied that prolonged stress can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, making you more vulnerable to illnesses and infections. The thing is, there is no such thing as avoiding stress if you’re going through a divorce.

Even the Canadian Mental Health Association shared that you do need some extra help to get through a divorce with minimal psychological impact. Here are some practical tips from Rose Family Law in Mississauga that can help you to reduce stress during a divorce.

1. Try to Be Prepared

You will have to settle nearly everything about your marriage during a divorce. This means that you will have to prepare a lot of documents and be ready for settlement hearings that you will need to sit through. If you can get a hold of financial documents, deeds, and similar documents now, do it.

2. Know the Divorce Processes

A divorce need not be a drama-filled affair. Some proceedings need not even see a day in court ever. Talk to your lawyer to find out more about collaborative ways you can finalize your divorce.

3. Don’t Do Unto Your Soon-To-Be-Ex What You Don’t Want to Be Done to You

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Lying or manipulating facts can be very tempting more so if your spouse cheated on you. You may feel that you want to drain bank accounts, channel all assets to an off-shore bank, or file false police reports. Don’t. Things like this will only create drama and when discovered, can blow up on you.

4. Understand that What You Feel Now is Temporary

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and feel like you just want to run away from everything, know that this will pass. Once your divorce is final, you’ll be able to create a future that is best for you.

5. Be Honest

Going through a divorce with various hidden agendas will only make the procedure more expensive and last longer. If you want a clean future after the divorce, just be transparent and work together towards finalizing your divorce so both you and your ex can move on.

6. Get Your Own Finances Straightened

Now would be the time to open your own bank account if you don’t have one yet. You will have to be financially independent after your divorce so start working towards that now for a smooth transition.

7. Do What is Right for The Kids

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Know that you will have to work with your ex if you have kids together unless there is a reason for the other party to be pushed out of the children’s lives (like domestic violence). Try to be as amicable as possible.

8. Prioritize Safety

If your spouse is prone to violence, moving away (with the children) would be the best option. If your spouse knows where you (and the children) are staying, make sure that you have an escape plan when things go south.

9. Have a Support Person or Network

Your close friends and family will be invaluable to you during your divorce. Not only will they see you through your emotional rollercoaster but will also help you get back to your feet when you’re ready.

11. Plan Ahead

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Divorce means that there will be a division of assets. Only decide to take what you truly need and don’t get too hung up if your spouse seems to be getting more. Why fight over something you don’t even want?

10. Have Social Media Accounts? Close Them

Information in your social media can be used against you. Even if your spouse is above that, the drama alone in social media can get to you. By simply closing or deactivating your accounts, you will save yourself from so much mental anguish.

12. Accept Your Divorce

Your divorce should be the closing chapter of a marriage that is no longer working. Don’t let it be a battleground of more hurt. Focus on the future and what you could have when the divorce is over.