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Typography Trends 2024

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Almost 95% of each web page takes text content and typography is the art of displaying the content. Although typography is closely associated with web design, its primary purpose is not only to make page more beautiful. The main task of typography is legibility. Sometimes it seems that even professional web designers forget that the textual content is something what brings visitors to the website and what keeps them on the website, and text content must be easily visible and clearly legible.

A wide range of fonts and styles allow designers to have more choices when designing a website. Typography has always been an important part of web design, but with the integration of text and other graphic elements it gained even more importance in the overall appearance. It is important to adopt the homogeneity and clarity when using the correct font, but the most critical aspect is that the characteristic design improve the look of your site.

When it comes to the text in the web design in 2024, you can expect a variety of new types of creative use of text. Typography has always been and will remain one of the most interesting parts of web design, but now the integration with various other graphical elements constitutes one of the basic and most essential part of web design.