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5 Latest Handbag Trends and Styles in 2024

When choosing a bag to wear you aren’t choosing only a piece of accessory – you’re showing much more than that – style, character, affinity and attitude. Before we dig into the specific trends for the current year, let’s remind ourselves what do we need the handbags for and what place can be dedicated to them in our daily appearances.

Many factors determine which handbag our eyes will be laid on. Those might be the color we feel like wearing today, the overall match with the rest of our outfit, the personal emotional attach with the corresponding bag, or the size (let’s face it – sometimes we only need it for keys and cellphone, and on the other days, we fill it up to the handles with all the stuff we need to carry around).

They are so easy to like and so difficult to select only one of them. Their durability, the overall style, and of course, the fact that we can or cannot afford them play an important role and somehow decide if they’ll end up in our closet or be left cherished. Furthermore, where you are heading also matters. Maybe you’re about to go to the office only, or perhaps you have left home for traveling and won’t be back in a while. Also, maybe you’re about to hit the gym or just meet some friends for a cup of coffee or tea.

When it comes to colors, this year’s predominant ones are cream, black and nude shades. Overall priority, rumor has it, will be as tiny and discrete logos on them as possible. Some of them like Chloé and Jacquemus decorated the bags with holders for water bottles – great gym-after-work choice – while others wanted to step up with the EarPod holders, like Chanel and Givenchy. Let’s see what’s the best choice for 2024 trend followers and what inspired the creators to offer those.

1. Noticeable and mini

Source: The Happy Sloths

If you’re a fan of this type of bag, you’ll be delighted with the Jodie model by Bottega Veneta. This bag comes in multiple colors variations and each piece is a single-color one so that you can choose between light pink, unique sandalwood, or striking kiwi among the rest. It’s woven by hand, has a seamless structure, zip closure and a soft shape with no rough edges. Its knot detail on the handle makes this simple design pop up even more. In case you’re looking for a perfect combination, feel free to go with the matching color of other parts of the outfit – shoes, earrings, or blouse and make it speak for itself. It might definitely have much to say.

2. Subtle luxury in quilted texture

Source: TheRealReal

When you think about luxury, it glows, right? And when you think about subtle, it usually gets associated with delicacy and preciseness. The quilted bags give you both things – those are as contemporary and yet everlasting as they can be. It can be a variation from Alexander McQueen to Burberry and Chanel that you can imagine wearing as a cross-body smaller piece or a bigger short-handled one, with a crocodile-effect of its glowy surface.

3. Multi-compartment bags

Source: ebblyboutique

Ladies mostly adore being able to put things in a huge bag, not minding to dig deep for a while to find what they need – especially something small like keys or lipstick. Yet, even though we can trade the convenience for style at times, there’s no shame in putting on bags with separate compartments for all that you might need and finding all that easily when the need arises. Whether designed by Coach, Staud, or J.W. Anderson, this is a stylish and yet very useful and every-day trend you’ll love. Like many others, they come in totes and mini variations, with lovely designs in smooth and classy leather surfaces such as the ones in Cowboysbag, combining blue and white nautic style, dark and light brown, or offering simple one-color design leaving the subtle stitch in slightly opposite nuance to speak for itself.

4. Extremely large bags

Source: Pinterest

Let’s rely on an unusually big bag now – the one that’s so comfortable to carry around, as well as stylish as hell. Longchamp and Jacquemus have concluded that this year it will be more than necessary to give the pedestal to the bigger ones. This is why one of those that drew all of the attention and established huge bags’ place in the fashion world was a giant straw bag by Jaquemu. Warm-colored straws intertwined to make it from the firm and a bit rough middle toward the long hanging straws all around it form a trapezius with shorter handles. This enormous bag goes well with the tiny pieces of clothes that can go from short shorts to little slim dresses or just a shirt and a mini skirt with it.

5. Modern vintage

Source: Flickr

Thinking about modern and vintage, it seems that those two make the opposite and yet – creating the design where the opposites match and hand-in-hand welcome the new season means creativity in its best. Those beautiful associations bring back Gucci’s irreplaceable model from 1955 with a golden buckle and classic look in its light brown color. This is a so-called Horsebit shoulder bag, with a long belt that can be adjusted to just lay on your hip or maybe get shorter so that you can hold it tight near your armpit. It was designed in Italy and the smooth leather surface, the middle to a small size and the curved lines make it go well with the romantic, champagne-colored long wavy dress. Or perhaps even with noticeably colored pants, a gentle turtleneck black blouse and good makeup – this will make a style icon out of you in a blink of an eye.

Regardless of what your choice for this year’s bag purchase venture is, there are things to remember in case you want to leave a mark. Designs and fashion change and style remain alive. They always need to be worn by you and represent your personality by pointing out your individuality even if thousands of other women wear the same piece. So, whatever your money pays eventually – make it worth by giving it your own mark in the way that best suits you.