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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Truck Repair Service – 2024 Guide

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Like any other vehicle, the truck must be regularly maintained and repaired to function properly. There are many mechanical and electrical failures that occur, most often due to the large volume of use of these vehicles.

Unlike our cars, which we sometimes do not use for days or cross very short distances, the truck is constantly on the road, crosses long distances and carries a very heavy load.

Therefore, for the safety of drivers, but also other road users, even the smallest malfunction must be repaired as soon as possible. Regular maintenance is also necessary, both because of the safety and in order for the truck to be preserved for as long as possible and thus serve us for many years.

The truck is very expensive and we do not want to buy a new one for several years. For all this, we need specialized services, because we can’t just do it, and a regular car repair service can help us. Especially nowadays, when electronics have advanced so much that better trucks have more electronics than Formula 1 vehicles from 20 years ago.

We will give you advice on what to pay attention to when choosing a truck repair service, because only then will you know that you will make the right choice.

1. Recommendations and reviews

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The most important thing is to get recommendations from people you know. Since you drive or own a truck, it is certain that you know a lot of colleagues. Check with them what experience they have with a particular service or seek a recommendation for some with whom they have been doing business for many years. Only then will you know completely reliably whether this is the right place to repair your vehicle.

The fancy website and many add-ons that appear everywhere do not guarantee the quality of the service, but only that they have invested in marketing. Of course, check out the online reviews as well. This is also very trustworthy method, because you will see the experiences of even more people. However, it is also possible to fake online reviews, so first ask people you know and work with, and only when you narrow down the selection to a few workshops, then take into account online reviews.

2. Check the location

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Nothing means a service that has fantastic recommendations and reviews, but is located 300 kilometers from where you are currently. It is necessary to be nearby, up to a maximum of 50 kilometers, for the costs to be reasonable. Especially if the truck is not in running order, so it needs towing, every kilometer will be important when we talk about the price. Also, price is not the only factor.

Time is also important. If you have to drive in one direction and then back for a few hours, it will take up too much of your precious time. Only if there is no choice, you can opt for workshop which is far away, which is highly unlikely, especially if you live in any bigger city. Create a balance between recommendation and proximity to service and you will achieve the best price-quality ratio.

3. Compare prices

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Although the quality of service comes first, price also plays a big role in our decision. Especially if we have a company with more vehicles, the difference in price in the end can be big when everything is added up. Check the prices in all the garages you have chosen using the previous two tips we have given you. Prices usually do not vary too much, but there are still some garages that are significantly more expensive than others. Also, if a workshop is very cheap, although it can be tempting, you better choose another one because there is probably a reason why they are so cheap.

They probably use cheaper spare parts or don’t have enough customers so they try to attract them that way. If you also want to save money and get the highest quality of service, then it is best to always go to the same service and thus achieve a long-term cooperation with them. That way you will get a discount. Check the fleet maintenance conditions at tlcautotruck.com

4. Make sure they are certified

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This is a very serious matter and should not be left to the layman. It must be someone who is licensed for the job, in order to do everything in the best way and thus guarantee you safety on the road. It doesn’t just matter if you spend money without the repairman doing the job well. It is much more important that it can put you in danger while driving or your truck can stop somewhere and you will lose a lot of money because you will not finish driving on schedule.

Even if you get recommendations and read good reviews for an unlicensed service, you better skip it. It is possible that they know what they are doing and that they will do a very good job, but it is also a matter of documentation and insurance. In the event of an accident, if you have documentation on the maintenance and repair of the truck from an authorized garage, this will be very important to you. Also, if they damage your vehicle in any way during the repair, it is very likely that they are insured and that their insurance will cover the costs. While the unlicensed garages probably don’t have insurance.

5. Look around at the garage

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When you finally get to the place where you will repair your vehicle, you are left with one last check. And that is to see what the workshop looks like. Does it seem that they have all the necessary tools and equipment, do they maintain everything and the like.

Repairing a truck requires a lot more equipment than when it comes to cars, so pay attention to that. Also look at how everything works in the relationship between employers and workers and the like.


Also, don’t forget to ask them which manufacturer’s spare parts they use. If you don’t ask them, they might install some worse ones for you because you just didn’t ask, so they have an excuse to do so.

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