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Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Assistant in 2024

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Only professional planners produce grate events. Whether planning for a birthday party, engagement party, wedding, corporate event, small or big event, the most fantastic favor that you can ever do to yourself is to hire a professional event planner to organize for you. Even when you have no idea about what you want your wedding to look like, a wedding planner company like weddingassistant.co.uk will fix everything. They take care of your theme color, guest, entertainment, food, transport, and so on. They ensure that the mood and atmosphere are perfect. 

If you are confused about choosing your Wedding Assistant, here is a perfect guide for you.

1. Event Date

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The first thing to keep in mind is your wedding date. This is because most weddings are done in specific months, and you may find that the planner you want to engage is also planning another wedding during that period. If a perfect wedding is anything to go by, your planner should not be committed elsewhere to ensure they give your wedding plans the attention it deserves. The first thing to communicate with your planner should be the date of the wedding so that if they are committed elsewhere, you can look for another person. 

2. Budget

Budget is very vital when it comes to event planning. Before approaching any event planner, the first thing you need to be clear on is the event budget. In your event budget, this is where you have the amount allocated for the event planner. This acts as your guide on the type of planner to look for. There are different classes of planners. Depending on your budget, you can go for a corporate event planner or just an ordinary event planner.

3. Utilize your Resources

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You don’t just go picking any planner on the streets. If you want the best services, learn how to get referrals. Note all your friends and family members who’ve had events recently and contact them for guidance. You’ll find that they have people they can recommend to you, especially where they got excellent services. At the same time, you’ll get warnings not to engage those who disappointed them. From friends and family, you can be sure to get genuine information.

4. Online Research

Once you have a list of those that you can engage for the occasion, it is essential to do your background check. Nowadays, everything is available online. Look for the recommended Wedding Planners online. You can either search for their Facebook page, Instagram Page, or even their website. You can follow them and get to know them better. Read reviews on their page and understand how the customer feels about their service delivery. With this information, you can be able to tell which planner is likely to offer the best services.

5. Meet up in Person

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Once you have identified the best, you can then arrange to meet them and have a one on one chat. Talking through the phone or through messages is not enough. You need to meet them and have a conversation. This will help you iron out anything that was not clear on social media platforms or have answers to questions that maybe you could not have asked online. In addition, you are able to verify their documents.

6. Ask all Relevant Question

During the meeting, this is where you get to ask all questions pertaining to the wedding plans. Before the meeting, you need to note down all the items that you need feedback on, to ensure that none is left out. For instance, you can ask them to give you a list of their past client’s references, ask them to explain how they carry out their job, ask them to list the vendors they are well connected with, ask them to give a quotation of some services and so on

7. Carefully Read the Contract

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Once you are done with the questions, you can ask them to give a contract for the job. Read the agreement carefully so that you can understand what the planner is offering and what they are not offering. Most of the time, we get bored to go through pages of papers, but it is very critical to avoid surprises along the way. Ensure the contract clearly stipulates how the planner handles things like set up, pricing, additional fees, and day-offs. 

8. Ensure your Personality rhyme

By meeting the person, you’ll be able to identify if it’s a person you can work with. This is because eventually, you need somebody who’s personality can click with yours. If, from the first meeting, you feel that you didn’t click, it is only wise to source for another person. This is because you’ll be spending most of the time together till D-Day.

9. Compare Contacts and Quotations

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If you have met several, it’s only fair that you give yourself time before getting back to them. Compare their contacts and quotations and rank them depending on who offers the most favorable terms. You can also involve a friend to assist in the analysis. At this point, you can even call the referees provided and get to hear of their experience.

10. Eventual Hiring of the Event Planner

After you have settled on the person to engage, the next thing is to organize for a meeting so as to agree on the terms. Make sure you sign a binding contract that covers you in case of any nasty eventualities with a planner. A work contract is a legal document enforceable before the court. So with such a copy of the record, you can rest assured of the service delivered as per the agreement. In most cases, the planners are given a down payment while the balance is paid after the delivery of the services.

Final Word

Planning a wedding is not a walk in the park. It requires careful organization by people who are keen on details. Even if you have wedding assistance, you have the responsibility of overseeing what is going on in the planning process. If you leave everything to the planner, you will have yourself to blame if something goes wrong. Be there to give guidance where necessary, and you shall enjoy the outcome by the end of the day.