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Top 6 Most Powerful Latest SEO Strategies 2016 With Tips and Tools

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SEO is dead, SEO is a Sisyphean task, SEO becomes less important, are just some of the phrases that can be heard the last few years. On the contrary, it is clear that SEO has never been more alive and in 2016 it will continue to grow. There will be a number of changes and trends that every serious SEO expert should pay attention to and upgrade their SEO strategy.

Terms of SEO is changing every day which makes SEO industry very dynamic. Google, the most popular search engine, changing their algorithms almost every day and when you make a big change, then it causes a big change in the search results as well as changes in the conduct of SEO strategies.

Mobile Display has long been an important parameter of optimization and in 2015 was placed as one of the focus points of the search results. At the start of 2015, Google announced two important ranking factors such as indexing the mobile applications and the importance of that website is ‘approachable’ mobile. In fact they were both directed to one goal – to be available and displayed on mobile devices. It will also be (not surprisingly) the main focus to Google in 2016!

First of all, the cause of this is that there are many pages still not optimized for mobile technologies. Of course, we can’t forget the importance of content and their indexing. Content is what keeps page as well as all the other elements that are important for the ranking of your site.

Also, it should be noted that soon will be released new Google Penguin update that will allow Google to detect spam links and exclude them from the backlink indexing, so many pages that rely on the so-called chain tying will be significantly fall when it comes to ranking. But the same algorithm will quickly return this page to previous rank if you correct these mistakes.

SEO Strategies 2016

With the entry in the new 2016 year, like every year there are a number of predictions and expectations regarding the development of new trends, which would largely be able to change our internet adventure and digital experience. What is changing? What remains the same? What ceases to be topical and becomes undesirable in the website of our clients and what is important to emphasize? To find the answer on all of these questions, check out the infographic below by Dilate.

Top 6 Most Powerful Latest SEO Strategies 2016 With Tips and Tools