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Top 10 Best Newsletter Templates For Spring 2016

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Email marketing is still an important sales channel for building loyalty and receiving bids. The time of classic sending of advertising messages has passed. It is necessary to concentrate on delivering relevant offers, to concentrate on quality, not quantity.

What is email marketing and newsletter

E-mail marketing is sending of unique commercial content (newsletter) via email to users who are approved to receive it. This is a business strategy to retain and increase the customer base through execution and delivery of essential content of using email. Email marketing is one of the most important parts of Internet marketing. Its main advantage is that it enables direct communication with the user of the product or service of some company.

Newsletter provides information about a new product or service, teaching potential users to properly use the product or service, publishing news related to the theme that the company is undertaking, conducting discussions on a topic that is in the interest of the company and so on. In order to achieve positive effect of email marketing messages should be sent only to customers who want to receive information of company. It is necessary to avoid spamming. Email marketing can be used to conduct sales, providing customer service and build closer relationships with customers.

Email is the fastest growing communication medium in the world today. More than 30 billion e-mail message exchange on a daily basis in the world. E-mail has fundamentally changed the way of communication between people, remove various barriers to writing and enabled millions of people to participate in the dialogue, in a simple and fast way. Email is a powerful tool in the marketing of the company, analysis of operations and creating the image of the company in the public. Thanks to its explosive growth, companies can use it to obtain a pattern of behavior of its users and to better understand their needs.

Benefits of sending newsletter

Sending newsletter as a means of direct marketing offers many advantages, such as:

  • Allows quick response to customer requests. Email reduces the response time to customer demands. Users have the ability to immediately respond by returning an email or by clicking on the link to the Web site of the company, in order to come up with more information. This achieves the interaction between the company and its customers.
  • Newsletter saves time. Thanks to the use of email marketing companies have significantly reduced the cost of time in relation to the traditional marketing.
  • Email strengthens the position of the brand. Regularly sent email messages that contain properly addressed topics messages (Subject) strengthen the position of the company and its products. Email creates a two-way relationship with customers and encourage long-term, qualitative relationships.
  • Email is an effective way to bring visitors to the Web site. HTML links can be inserted into the Email also, so you quickly direct users to the Web site of the company. This increases the number of users who register on the Web site. The company can after send targeted content to registered users.
  • Results of email marketing campaigns are easy to measure. The success of marketing campaigns can be measured using software programs that are designed to capture responses from the user.
  • Email is widespread. It is the most used aspect of internet and part of the daily activities of a large number of people.
  • Email can be customized to the user. When lists are used in conjunction with databases of customers, campaigns can be tailored to users, so that each newsletter contains information relating to a given user.

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective means of marketing that is known today. Any company that wants to achieve business success, can not ignore the great sales and marketing potential of email marketing. It is efficient and very cheap means of gaining and retaining customers. Email marketing is the embodiment of the “one to one” marketing, fully adequate for personalized and targeted relationship with customers. That’s why we picked 10 best newsletter templates for spring 2016 which you can check out and download below:

2 Newsletter Templates Pack

2 newsletter templates pack

Preview and download here.


Multipurpose Email Newsletter

Preview and download here.


Creative & Corporate – Multi Purpose Newsletter Template

pendora newsletter template

Preview and download here.


Business newsletter template

ojs email newsletter template

Preview and download here.


Unique Email Newsletter Template

Unique Email Newsletter TemplatePreview and download here.


Rocket- Multipurpose Email Newsletter

rocket email template

Preview and download here.


Prosperous – Multipurpose Email PSD Template

Prosperous Email Template Image Preview

Preview and download here.


Startup Responsive Business Email Newsletter Template

Startup - Responsive Email Template

Preview and download here.


Carter – HTML Email Template + Builder 2.0

Carter - HTML Email Template

Preview and download here.


Material – Responsive Email Template + Online Builder

Material - Responsive Email Template

Preview and download here.