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The Most Powerful Apps And Tech For Sales

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The Most Powerful Apps And Tech For Sales

Smartphones are amazing devices and people who sell know how to use that kind of technology for their advantage. Businesses and companies know how to create new apps for customers, optimize them for mobile use, use good webpage design and stay in the mix for all the upcoming new technology for their audience. People who are into sales also have to use this for themselves. There are probably over hundred applications that can help them in learning something new, staying organized, gaining valuable insights into data, connect with other people who are selling and much more. They need to see what apps fit best for their needs and how to use them properly as well as what apps will work together. To be sure that you will reach the desired goals you need to consider having some apps to make it all easier for you.

First on the list is Square. It’s a small device that is used for accepting payments. It connects to your phone and your customers use their credit cards just swiping through it. Payment is then instantly processed and deposits are already seen in the account next day. Even though technology requires customer and sale person to be face to face it’s a good way for eliminating invoicing and getting paid quickly. When clients come to the events or meetings this device will give you convenience and power to process payments immediately.

Camcard is another great app. With it you can simply bring business cards online. As you probably already know, when being salesmen, it’s hard to keep track of networking and clients, but making important connections is crucial for the job. It’s exhausting to have that pile of cards. This app will help you with it. Just simply take picture of any business card and immediately upload it to the app online. Once that is finished you can check all your contacts in CamCard library.

The third app on the list is called ”FreeConferenceCall”. It offers unlimited conference calls for almost 100 people if necessity, and up to 6 hours. It works like web based interface for people in Canada, Australia, America and big part of Europe. Whats is also great is that you can record calls. It’s a perfect application for team of sales that are small business with limited budgets. Conference calls can be key part of your business and this app is great for making sure your calls are professional and easy.

I would also like to mention that person who is selling should also use basic apps like Google Docs, Chrome, email, and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others. These are apps that are essential and core part if you want to have any kind of success in sales, so make sure they are in your library of apps. What really matters is finding the right rhythm and balance when it comes to technology and apps. You have to start from something, set your challenges and goals, and add application to your schedule and collection. You will probably use more than just one of these but sometimes starting with to many of them can be overwhelming. Eventually everything will come to the place and apps will become crucial part of your workflow.