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Content Marketing And SEO Timeline Of Key Events

content marketing and seo

Content Marketing and SEO - Timeline Of Key Events

There’s always bit of a confusion when it comes to subject of SEO and content marketing. The questions are, how they fit together? Well, basically content marketing is all about SEO and vice versa. It’s not without reason that there’s lot of talking about SEO in world of content marketing. Picture SEO as ketchup and content marketing as sandwich. The truth is both of them are going together overlapping and blending. People are wondering why they need to include SEO in their content marketing. But SEO is about lots of content. SEO touches and enhances everything. You can’t think doing great SEO without content, because it’s absolutely essential to marketing. Both content marketing and SEO are great combination for powering your presence online or your business.

Google algorithms are always getting more higher in terms of standard for quality of content. SEO is helping in cementing good places online for business. When you are just starting in content marketing, it would not be realistic to think you will grow quickly, but when you include social in your strategy of distribution you will see much traffic improvements cause of searches and benefits you could have with this are lasting for long time. Keywords are still important and they matter. Even though becoming to obsessed with keywords is not a good strategy, you want to be sure that you are ranking high for your customers and brand. So it’s good to make some researches and after that to create list of keywords that you will use for your content. Optimizing with SEO requires some technical components, for instance watching out for pages to be indexed correctly so that visitors can reach destination. If you want to do this, you have to know where content is located and what content you have.

content marketing and seo

Keyword list you built will be your planner for content marketing checklist. You want those keywords to perform good on Google. SEO will make your content be more responsive, fix links that are dead or redirects wrong, making sure there’s a clear hierarchy in your content and even make your page load with faster speed. All those benefits will help you at succeeding in content marketing. Having page that loads faster gives users a great experience no matter from where they’re coming. When there are no bad links or redirecting, users experience is also improved because they will remain on your site reading other content. After all, content marketing is entirely about experience of users and SEO is going in that direction too, that’s why they blend each other so good.

Both of content marketing and SEO are really effective ways that you can drive traffic and converse them into profit for your business. In the end, try to understand all concepts I presented here in text and you will be ready to handle both SEO and content marketing in your future. But who know what Google will prepare for us in the future…