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TOP 5 Motion graphics templates of the June

motion graphics of the july

Motion graphics: content marketing trend for 2015

Content marketing is conducted constantly, this is not a one-time campaign. It usually does not speak directly about products and services. Video Marketing – The trend that does not stop, and that will dominate in the content marketing, motion graphics are one of the growing trends in content marketing.

Video marketing is not only reserved for large enterprises. With the close relationship with the creation of different types of content, the video appears as a mode of communication in all kind of businesses. In addition to the creative use of video, your customers will recognize and utility in one of the 30 types of videos that you can easily produce, eg.: how to use your product / service, testimonials of satisfied customers, the manufacturing process or the realization, short tips …

It was not long ago that infographics were the secret to creating compelling content shareable. Of course, a good content strategy required producing fun videos as well. Now, motion graphics is becoming a way to combine these two. The concept of motion graphics is not new: You ‘ve seen them in TV ads when text zooms across the screen or an illustration comes to life. As you plan your organization’s content marketing strategy, be sure to consider the benefits of motion graphics.

Below you can check our top 5 Motion graphics templates in Adobe After Effects of the June, for download:

Flat Infographics

Flat Kinetic Infographic: 14 Scenes with different data animation. Full expressions control, customization in few clicks. Complete story, just drag and drop your text and logo. FULL HD (1080p). Easy customization and fast rendering. Step by step video tutorial included. Change background on your own. Easy change color with color control. Quick build with drag & drop scenes. No plugin needed. Works for After Effects CS6 and above. Download here.


Design Agency Infographics

Flat infographics project which help you present yourself or your business company: 19 scenes; 23 shape icons; 1920×1080 px, 25 fps; Color easy customizable. Video tutorials included. Devices mockups included. Universalized expression (works with any AE’s language). Download here.


Infographic Promo

Features: version : AE CS5; resolution : 1280×720; frame rate : 25 fps; length : 30 sec; 11 text placeholders, 1 paper texture; Music from Audiojungle here; Contains video tutorial (How to paste your text); Archive size: 65 mb. No plugins required! Ready to use, easy to customize! Download here.


Infographic Presentation

Infographics Presentation is very useful project to show your Business Features, Plan Growth & Success, Statics, Marketing, Analysis and more. FEATURES : CS5 and above; Change shape colors with just a few clicks. No Plugins Required. Very easy to use. Includes Video Tutorial. Download here.


Infographic Data Visualization

With ‘Infographic Data Visualization’ you can easily convey the information you need quickly and clearly. And with universal man and woman, a map with indicators, word bubbles, pie chart setups, bar graph setups, tab and flag placeholders, all included, no project is too small. Any data can be communicated; dates, times, dollars, percentages, ages, ingredients, names, you name it, you can do it. Download here.