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Professional corporate motion graphics for download


Motion graphics creates an illusion of movement or transformation by using video and animation technology. When creating a brand and identity of the company the role of motion graphics becomes increasingly important. More and more small companies are becoming subject’s to the new ways of promotion.

In today’s world, where everything has already been seen, there is always search for different and refreshing ways of highlighting from the competition which is increasing every day. The assumption is that the promotion of an identity of the company will be more successful if video graphics is used as a media of promotion. If a brand captures an attention of more human senses it will have a greater power which comes from the story that a brand wants to create for the audience. Video and motion graphics provide a realtime element, while usage of music captures emotions of the beholder. Thus, the connection between a brand and the audience strengthens, while at the same time the basic message remains unchanged.

Below are great examples of Professional corporate motion graphics for download:

Corporate Lower Third

Broadcast quality, professional grade title graphics, powerful corporate lower third that give your company video a stylish elegant look. Whether it is a big corporation, a holding or just a small firm, this video can improve your business image and make money for you. Shiny, Semi-transparent with light flare and glassy polish. Texts are just in the preview. Full HD 1920×1080, Quicktime PNG with alpha. 5 different colors included (black, white, red, blue, green), each 10 seconds long(shortened in the preview, except the the first one) Ideal to add style in your corporate video, television, news, show, onair graphics, movie, documentary, presentation, marketing, flash, DVD , sports, product video project. It includes alpha channel, therefore you just overlay over your material and add the text(such as company name) in your favorite editing application. Download here.


Logo Backdrop Corporate

Package contains 5 seamlessly loopable backdrops with a bright center area to highlight your logo or text in the center of the screen. You can change the colors using hue/saturation or any other effect that can colorize the image. Download here.


Pollution vs Energy Sustainability

Here is a Renewable clean power sources and Green energy sustainability concept (motion graphics earth map). Solar panels, wind power generators, electric cars & trains together with recycling & green eco housing, can compose an alternative eco solution against environment pollution and global warming climate change! (Use in your corporate video to showcase your environmental friendly company!) Download here.


Clean & Glossy Background

This pack contains 07 different Clean & Glossy Background. This is ideal for using with titles and logos in motion graphics projects. Also this can be used as video backdrops and overlays. These videos can be easily color corrected to your preference. Download here.


Motivational Tags Promo

Advertising keywords flying in 3D isolated on black. Features 2 sets of tags with 6 kinds of animation for each set. Use Add or Screen blending mode to place it over your media. Easily change text to any color with Toner or Hue effect in your editor. Download here.


20 Smooth Alpha Matte Transitions & Wipes

20 Smooth Alpha Matte Transitions & Wipes. This is twenty different 1080p motion graphic alpha channel matte transitions/wipes to be used to go from one footage to another or to clear the video screen. There are nine different styles categories for how the transition starts: Backslash, bottom left corner, bottom right corner, center of the screen, outside of the screen, forward slash, random, top left corner, top right corner. You can use the pair that comes with each one to achive the smooth transition or you can mix and match from different category styles to give you a TON of different transition possibilities. A sample Adobe After Effects(CS6 and newer) template is provided to give you an example setup of how to use an alpha or luma matte in your project. Download here.


Corporate World Pack

Great futuristic corporate motion graphic. 10 Transition Clips. All clips are 15 seconds long. Download here.


Increasing Statistic Financial Diagrams

Increasing profit multiple financial graphs and stats smoothly loopable animation with 360 degrees rotating camera. Extremely useful background for advertising or marketing projects. Download here.


Blue Earth Map

Global rotating earth map in shades of blue with wire connections. Download here.


Flat Transitions Pack Corporate Motion Graphics

This huge transitions pack contains total 420 video files, compressed with quicktime png + alpha. Use transitions in every video edit software which supports quicktime videos: vegas, premiere, fcp, after effects etc. Download here.