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Deep Web – all you need to know


Although it often seems that Google is involved in everything that is connected with the online world, this is not entirely true. Google search engine (or other) encroaches on only 4% of all web content. This means that the rest of the online content is “invisible”.

The remaining 96% of invisible content is called Deep Web as it is not part of a surface of the web and can’t be accessed from a standard web browser. It’s accessible from the browser called Tor. At the same time this browser gives you complete anonymity. Because of the anonymity provided by the Deep Web it is sometimes used for illegal activity but do not interfere it with these nefarious activities.

But what is really ‘hidden’ internet? It is the content that is hidden from search engines because it is not stable. More precisely, there are dynamic Web pages that are created on the user’s request, and as such does not exist while some users create query in database. Automatic robots that search engines use to index the Internet are simply not sufficiently developed, not advanced enough to read and search private databases.

Once you start exploring this ‘invisible’ part, you can discover the pearls of various professional articles and collections, multimedia files, portal, directory, database up to free books, audio books or movies. Now look at the complete review in order to better understand the Deep Web, or “invisible” Web world: