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Top 5 eHealth Trends


Best eHealth Trends

Digital format is changing our world, and when it comes to industry of medicine, there’s no difference too. Imagine that in near future you can get textual alerts in real time when you have high blood pressure or request new medicine straight from your smartwatch. When it comes to the use of technology in health field, 76% patients said they are already using various gadgets and devices that are helping them improve and monitor their health, so the expectations for the market of medical devices are pretty high. The revolution of digital is not about making machines to replace people but helping professional doctors to be more effective, increasing their chances when doing complex things and what’s most important giving patients better care. eHealth is effectively redefining and reshaping how people have their healthcare delivered to them. There are many different trends in the making right now for example. The focus is on personalized care. Today we can see people shopping their insurance for healthcare online, this was something that was not imaginable before. Patients are also going to be able to order their medicines through the use of smartwatches.

Connected hardware can provide customized feedback on the health of individual. Soon enough you can bypass long check-ins at your hospitals simply wearing some type of wearable band and you can get ahead of a set appointment. Doctors will also send customized emails to patients. Every human being has different DNA, and soon enough each of patients will get different and specific treatment based on their DNA structure. In terms of global coverage, almost 50% of patients said they are going to wear wearable technology that can track and measure both their lifestyle and fitness vital signs. It’s all about delivering quality results and not just technology. It’s much more than that.  In near future operating rooms are going to be equipped with high tech that will allow patient tracking thus making sure everyone is at the right time in the right place. 85% of doctors said they are happy knowing that the patients will use wearable heath tech so they can engage with their own health being.


Even the medicine itself which are patients using will be smarter. How that works is that pills are going to have tiny sensors integrated inside. The sensor will work with both mobile apps and wearable gadgets to provide full healthcare for patients which will save money and enable more effective treatments. More and more platforms are appearing, redefining and revolutionizing healthcare. It will allow patients to connect every health tech and get a real time feedback of their current state. Platforms are also be able to identify triggers for asthma attacks. Did you know that 54% of patients are using mobile phone apps because of health monitoring ?

By the end of 2019, almost 70% health systems only in US will offer self scheduling of patients in digital format. What’s even more, 45% of executives in health field thinks that in the span of 3 to 4 years, companies need to start train machines as much as they are training people. With the use of Google Glasses we can have digital doctors. Imagine there’s a surgery being performed and doctor can use it to have all patients vital signs displayed on the monitor from glasses. It will allow better portability and freedom. We see that digital technology is starting to influence industry today and hopefully tomorrow to.