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Tips To Improve Aerial Photography With Drone

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Improve Aerial Drone Photography Infographic

Not so long ago, drone videos had power to surprise and stun audiences around the world. Aerial photos can be really tricky to capture. Luckily you can use lots of little tricks when flying drone to make sure that taken pictures look amazing. You will probably need to take many shots and continue to practice for hours but with enough will, you can master aerial photography. There are many fundamentals to learn so you can cover all the bases. It can be hard at the beginning to tackle all this by yourself so here are some of the tips that will help you in achieving that goal. When you try to capture photo, focus on raising altitude. It is a good idea cause you can get more into the view of camera which will give you more spectacular photo. Usually people who take pics want to shoot them closer to their target.

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Try using GPS mode, it’s really awesome. Many drones are already coming with this mode, and GPS is also good for stabilization. When you fly drone, you can choose location then fly to that and just let go of the all controls. GPS enables you to take much pictures without having any vibration cause the drone will stabilize by itself. If you are really serious about capturing stunning aerial images, consider buying a gimbal. Even though it’s really expensive it will allow you to take amazingly precise pictures like you’ve never seen before. But wait, what is gimbal anyway? Well, basically it’s joint and the camera is mounted to it during its flight. When you are flying with drone, gimbal is allowing you to point drone’s camera where you want and keep the focus while continuing to fly. Gimbals are more for professional photographers or estate agents that are probably making a living with this. But even if you are just starting, you don’t have an excuse not to use gimbal. Just keep in mind that some of drone models can’t accommodate weight of gimbal.

drone gimbal

Each of the camera, is logically different, and settings needs to be altered and configured right. Be familiar with the settings before you start taking pictures. Some of options are depending whether you have gimbal or not. If you have gimbal, set resolution to lower ( 720) with medium zoom. If you don’t have gimbal, try highest possible resolution with wide zoom. Just keep playing with options because many setting combinations can be used in any environment. Choosing a right location is one of key things you can do when taking aerial photography with drones. If you can’t find proper location pictures are not gonna be of good quality. Find a place that is not heavily wooded, without buildings, open and free of birds.

Before you go out, watch the report of weather because many times, wind is too strong and drones will struggle to keep a steady shot for the picture. Choose the day when everything is clear and not filled with wind. Make sure to balance propellers for your drone, this will have big impact on the balance. You can do this by placing drone on elevated surface, and checking out which of the blade is more heavier. For night photography, there’s a variety of lightning accessories. You can even buy front lights, which will allow you to shot images when it’s pitch black. And last, but not least important, buy a powerful camera. Be careful, when you buy camera make sure that drone can support the model. The better your camera is, the better your pictures are going to be.