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Infographic – 10 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Updates

You are active on various social networks, but but keep failing? There is little interaction and you get little response to a question you ask? Perhaps this infographic can help you. Here is 10 tips to improve your social media posts.

The following infographic was developed by Short Stack and The Social Skinny . In the visualization they give ten tips to improve your tweets , Facebook updates and other messages so your followers will respond more often.

1. Interesting Facts
Post messages with interesting facts for your followers. Anticipate their needs . What they appreciate? What they find interesting to read ? Write about an article or blog post and refer to this in your social media accounts .

2. Give tips
Share more tips. Imagine you’re a dietician . Then you can write a blog post with tips on how to diet effectively. So you show that you have knowledge of business . Readers are more likely to click on the link if your ‘ tip’ contains a title with the key word in your social media message .

3. Share your opinion
You can also link to interesting articles from others . Put in your social media message not only the link to the site , but also let people know why it is such a good article or how you feel about the subject.

4. Question regularity
Build your audience first. Don’t be in rush to ask questions. Larger audience equal more answers to your questions.

5 . Provide action
Inspire your followers with interesting posts . And let them also take action . When you use in your status update to ‘tweet ‘ or ‘ pin’ they are more inclined to the attention of their followers to bring your message.

6. Let followers know what to expect
People follow if you are interesting . They want to know what the benefits are waiting for them. This also applies online . Post your example a link to a video on YouTube or on your own site , then state what followers can there expect . What is it about ? How long is the video ?

7. P. S.
P.S. is effective word. It stands out and attracts readers to read the message. It turns out that this also works in status updates like Twitter and Facebook . So if you remember something important place “P.S.” at the end of your post.

8. Use shortened links
Using url shorteners , programs like Bit.ly and Ow.ly , your urls can be shortened. This creates more space in your social media message. You can also track click numbers, audience and other important social marketing factors.

9. Use text combined with image
A picture is worth a thousand words, it is a common saying . There is a trend going online . Some call it ” the visual revolution ‘ , others ‘ the picture economy. Various studies have shown that you can expect more interaction and response when you use images in your posts . You can also use a combination of image and text . There are several tools that allows write text over the pictures.

10. What do you think?
One last tip that give the creators of the infographic below, to request the opinion of your followers. Share your example, an articles on Twitter. Ask your followers their opinions. This allows you to start a discussion about a particular topic . But again, this only works if you are active online and have followers. And be also active in the discussion that occurs .
Infographic below explains in visual way, how to make your social updates more engaging. Do you know more tips? Share with us in comments!