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Guide To The Best Portfolio Sites For Self-Promoting Online

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If you are designer, having portfolio is absolutely required and one of the key components if you want to attract any new clients. There is simply no better solution or place where you can show all your past work, skills and techniques that you can use for potential customers. When you do it, it needs to be clean, professional and simple, and all that wrapped in the best possible design. Internet is already full of creative and stunningly looking designed portfolios. In order to stand out from the rest of competition online, you have to make an impressive one. But remember, you have to blow away clients with the way you present something, not just examples from your work. Have a dose of innovative thinking and creativity, this will get you success. You don’t need to be superstar designer.

Why portfolio?

According to researches, 56% of managers who are hiring for jobs are being more impressed with someone’s portfolio online than any other tool for personal branding. But, sadly only 7% of people who are trying to find a job have made online portfolio. When you are searching for job, it should all be about marketing yourself, becoming more known and making a name out there.  Client should he able to find you with ease, and if you create online portfolio you will increase your accessibility and visibility. It will also provide them with the most updated, accurate and professional info about you online. So the question I’m going to ask you is, why wouldn’t you create portfolio? Having it can also act as your job application extension.

Online portfolio serves sort of as a platform, where you can put other materials that your cover letter and resume don’t feature. You can also have much freedom when creating portfolio. It can include videos, photos, links to your past work, writing samples, slides of presentations, recommendations and much more. What’s even more, it will provide you with a better organization. It’s a good idea to have all your professional information, work and documents in one single place. That way, when someone is asking you for the copy of latest resume, all the information they need can be accessed from any PC.

Portfolio will help you in accessing your skills as well as growing in professional way. When you have everything in one place you can clearly see what you need to improve. It will also serve you as a boost for confidence when you need it. As with anything business oriented online, having just portfolio is really not enough. You should update it and tweak it. The key purpose is possibility for others to see you. So be sure to put link of your online portfolio on business cards, cover letters, email signature, social media profiles and presentations.