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The Toughest Tech Devices On The Planet

The Toughest Tech Devices On The Planet

The Toughest Tech Devices On The Planet

There’s a big possibility that you never ever thought about what are toughest tech devices ever made in our world? It makes sense, since you are probably not in a need to bring your tablet to the temperature of -50 degrees. But, not everyone has the same requirements. Other people like construction workers or military personnel, even engineers are in a need to use their devices in very hard circumstances and conditions, going from +40 degrees to below zero temperatures. To put in in other words, they require to have most toughest technological devices on the planet. Personally it’s funny to see some of the devices that are extremely costly. People pay lots of money for expensive smartphones just to get smashed up when it falls out of a pocket.

There are basically 3 versions or levels of ruggedness. Semi, fully and ultra rugged devices:

  • Devices with semi ruggedness are usually little enhanced versions of the ones you can find in stores on the shelf. Components inside are basically the same but the only difference is that they are protected little better.
  • Then there are fully rugged devices. From both in and out they are designed to work in extreme conditions, resisting vibrations, shocks, water and dust.
  • There are also ultra rugged devices. They are basically made precisely for the military specifications, build up in a way to survive even the hardest conditions in environment. If you have laptop like this, you can left it out in a blizzard or sandstorm and nothing will happen to it.

So, what are toughest of the toughest you may wonder? Well, let’s start with a laptop. It is Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 Mk3. This laptop comes with case and handle fully made of magnesium alloy. Its hard disk is removable and keyboard, touchpad and display are resistant to both dust and dirt. It costs around $5,000 dollars. This laptop is rough because it survived drop from 180 cm without any damaging, it also passes standard military specifications.

Next on the list is toughest smartphone in the world. It comes from Samsung company and is called Rughy smart phone. The price is not too expensive as you can buy it for $450 dollars. It comes with AMOLED display that is wide 3.7 inches. Features 4G network connection and both rear and front cameras. Why this smartphone is special? It can withstand temperatures from -60 degrees to more then 160. It is dustproof, shockproof and you can even put it in water for about 30 minutes.

The next device as one of the toughest ones is custom made USB flash drive. It is called Slava Tyukalov. The metal  body is covered of titanium and aluminium composition. Slava Tyukalov is resistant to vibrations, statics and shocks. It comes with 1Bb or 2GB of space. This is one of the toughest USBs thanks to its metal composition so it can survive pressure of 2,000 lbs. It costs between $197 to $247 dollars.

The toughest digital camera in the world is Olympus TG-820. It costs $300 dollars. This camera is waterproof to 33 feet. Features 12 megapixels with high sensitivity, high speed and intelligent technology. It is tough because it can survive 220 pounds of pure pressure, you can take photos with it at high temperatures and you can drop it from 6.6 feet height and nothing will happen.

There is also wrist computer that is used in military. The name of this product is Zypad WR1100. It weights around 1.5 pounds. Features electronic compass, GPS module and biometric reader for fingerprints.  The case of computer is made of magnesium alloy and fiberglass reinforced nylon. The price is approximately $2,000 dollars. It is tough because it’s used for protection against shock, water, altitude and extreme temperatures.