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The Truth About Lying On Resumes

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The Truth About Lying On Resumes

It can be stressful when one decides to apply for a job, no matter how qualified that person is. If you feel like stretching the truth for a little, know that you’re not the only one. It is true that around 15% of people are actually lying on their resumes and almost 50% resumes are containing false information. Everyone wants to get that job, so it can be tempting to stretch the truth. Most resumes contain lies about their education and even their history of work. It’s not a problem when someone forgets the date he started to work but it’s bad when individuals invent some companies where they actually never worked or even worse that company actually don’t even exist. Almost all people are customizing the resume based on what type of job they are apply for.

Be aware that when you are stretching the truth, your career is at risk. So what are the most common lies in resumes? According to some researches, lies are about job titles, employment dates, technical skills and education too. These are areas that can cause you problems if you fudge with them. Especially today in digital age when it’s really easy for employer to find out everything. Sometimes person can even get the job with half of faked resume but, this doesn’t mean her or his lies will not come back and haunt them. There were many occasions where subjects were immediately dismissed and sacked from the job. Managers that are hiring were not born yesterday and honestly just one question is enough to catch someone in a lie. What’s important when it comes to resumes is to keep it all real, be honest.

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So, to get the job without lying, tell it like it is. There are candidates that lie about their degree and because of that they loose opportunity for job. If they were honest the experience they already had should be just enough to land them that position. Even if your skills are still not up to task to match what the company is looking for you can overcome obstacles if you tell the truth and be up front. You can also increase credentials, really. If the job you want to work requires specific college degree and you don’t have it, you can earn it. Many colleges around the world are actually open when it comes to working with professionals you can consider this. Use the power of social media. Build a profile online. You can even learn something by using internet and then later demonstrate how expertise you are in your field.

If one thing is for sure, don’t lie in your resumes. Doesn’t matter how much of a lie is, chances are big that you have some type of profile online so the employer could check you or even call some of your friends or people with whom you have worked before to get to know your skills. Even if you didn’t put them in your resume as references in official list. It’s really foolish to go through applying for job, getting the interview and then loosing the offer by making up something just to look more impressive.