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50 Shades of Samsung Mobile Devices


South Korean giant Samsung recently published an interesting infographic that allows us access to all the possible shades of colors used by the company in recent years on their mobile phones and smartphones.

Given that Samsung is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices whose tradition of production goes back for years, imposes a logical conclusion or assumption that the company used all possible shades of color which “dressed” their devices. In this fact lies the reason why this infographic is simply huge.

The main categories of  Samsung colors are yellow, gold, orange, green, blue, red, purple, pink, white and black and all their shades. You will notice that colors like brown and silver are not represented as main categories, but only because the devices in these colors are added to other (similar) color categories. Otherwise this infographic would be more extensive. 🙂

Check below infographic which we jokingly named 50 Shades of Samsung. Brace yourselves for infinite scrolling, because there are over 100 devices – from mobile devices introduced in the last decade until the current high-end smart phones such as the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy S6.

Samsung-infographic-colors-01 Samsung-infographic-colors-04 Samsung-infographic-colors-05 Samsung-infographic-colors-06 Samsung-infographic-colors-07 Samsung-infographic-colors-08 Samsung-infographic-colors-09 Samsung-infographic-colors-10 Samsung-infographic-colors-11 Samsung-infographic-colors-12