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The Power Of Visual Communication

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In a time of massive communication and multimedia medium, image is still worth a thousand words. We as human beings are especially visually minded. We had an evolution because of the vision. The most important thing in achieving great visual communication is how you do the storytelling. Almost half of humans brain is functioning visually and 70% of our sensor receptors are in eyes. So we can agree that visual communication is far more effective than verbal. Information that is visually presented is much easier to learn. Images will stay in human brain while text is usually processed for short term memory. You could say that, what was for ancient ones cave painting, for us today are selfies. Picture processing in head is something that people were born with, but reading text is skill we learn through life.

People who create visual presentations have big number of resources available for them so they can create stunning and visually rich presentations. For many of the people today, understanding the world and its environment is being done by reading pictures and images. There are many methods that you can use for yourself to learn. While listening someone doing the lecture you take notes, when doing presentation use visual templates, charts, maps and graphics. Highlight key words or concepts and make outlines. Stories in visual presentations are very powerful because brain scanning showed our emotional part of brain is very active when we have to make decisions. As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing”. We can see this in fundraising actions when stories can move people who are supporting project, more then just figures and facts. So pictures are working in a similar way. They can touch our heart and soul, and not just minds.

If you’ve ever used camera on your laptop or maybe Skype application to talk with your friends, you’ve used visual communication. Symbols on a street are also very good example of visual communication. Infographics are also the way of visual communication. Think about it, if you are planning to expand your business using visual communication for your sales, customer service, support and other areas could also be a good practice, because you are getting ready to communicate to people through the screen, so you must put extra effort to reach them and send message.