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Phone Communication And Your Business

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Phone communication is still one of most used ways of talking in business. Even though last year phone communicating in companies is reduced to 5% and businesses are more oriented on digital communication by using texting, social media websites and emails,  phones still has much benefits. It could be said that deals are done or lost even on short telephone conversations. Phone calling is some of the best ways to get a quick and direct response, because its similar to talking to someone face to face. When you dial and reach person that’s available for talk, you can instantly start to deal with business on spot. Similar to when you leave messages on email inbox, you can record detailed voice mail and send it, without dealing with all typing that texting involves.


In 1967, study of Doctor Albert Mehrabian made conclusion of 3 most important components of most effective communications. Most important was body language with percentage of 55%, then tone of your voice with 38% and words that are spoken with 7%. When you are dealing some kind of business through phone, your voice tone can give emotions and dimensions to the words, thus having increased communication effect. Doesn’t mater if the other person on the line can’t see you, certain aspects of the body language like standing while you talk or smiling will be felt through conversation between sides. This has much greater benefit than the method of sending emails, because when person who gets email reads the text, it depends only how those words are being interpreted by receiver of messages, and that way it’s missing benefits of body language or voice tone.

There’s also a very known method called Teleconferencing which basically means that people from different organisations can save up costs of travel and meeting in facilities. They can attend meetings virtually by using access code and free number provided by company and with that join into virtual conference rooms where all members can interact with each other. It is widely used when in need to watch and comment presentations, or ask questions and discuss about important subjects. Some of the phone calls should be confidential, such as talking about sensitive information, disciplinary issues or condolences, they should be done with using personal phone call and not telephone from company. If you are sending text versions on these subjects, they could be misinterpreted. Some companies are even recording and monitoring every phone conversations between customers and their employees.


If you are driving and have to talk about business, it’s good to have bluetooth earphone as this technology makes dialing more safe. Making calls while driving a car can be fatal. If you are talking about something very important for your business make sure you give all the information correctly without sounding impatient or dismissive. Telephone is in office a tool of business and it will become even more central thing of your company, so you better get prepared and learn about art of phone communication that is effective and better for both listeners and callers.