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The Portrait Of Mobile Consumer


Smartphones are simply unavoidable and create dependence, according to research that shows quite devastating statistics of using cell phones and smartphones. The dependence is such that the average mobile consumer looks at the screen of smartphone every five and a half minutes.

Of course, the first thing you look at in the morning and last night – it’s mobile phone. During the workday mobile phone is checked about 150 times, even by those who do not have smartphones. The daily average received or omissions is 22 calls, receive and send messages 23 and 18 times checked the time, while playing, listening to music and other activities on the mobile phone even more.

Smart phones are equally attracted to younger and older, but as far as equality, conventional wisdom that men like gadgets more is wrong – women have a smartphone more often than men, 72.4 to 70.3%. The largest number of smartphone users can be found in the age group between 24 and 34 years (86.2%), on the second place are people aged  from 18 to 24 years with 85%.

With regard to the particular operating system, Android is present in 52 percent of devices, iOS at 42.7 percent, while far behind Windows Phone with 2.7 percent of users and BlackBerry with 1.7 percent.

Below you can check infographic which shows the portrait of mobile consumer :