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(CES) 5 Mind blowing technologies from the International Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2017

The International consumer electronics show CES 2017 is a holiday for all of us who love high tech. Every year people from all over the world gather to see scientific wonders. This year was no different and we have seen so many wonderful products of human imagination. I could write about all of them, but it would take days to write. So, I’m going to share with you some of the most interesting and most talked about products. Sit back, and enjoy these 5 mind blowing new technologies from the CES 2017.

Abilix Oculus vacuum cleaner

I know, it doesn’t sound as much. It’s a vacuum cleaner, so what? Well, this little guy is so much more than just a vacuum cleaner. It can be your friend, your teacher, and if you’re brave enough, it can be your babysitter.

It’s equipped with 24 sensors and 27 actuators. It can recognize voice, face and has a collision sensor so it can avoid hitting you in the leg. Oculus can learn, based on voice and face recognition and know who is giving commands.

It comes with 5 apps, each of them programs the vacuum in a way you best see fit. And programming is so easy, kids can do it. With these apps (Meet Oculus, Oculus Programing, Abilix Chart, Abilix Scratch and Skill Creator) you can do almost anything. You can make it dance, play with kids, work and entertain you at the same time. Now imagine you let your robot vacuum cleaner do the work and entertain kids in the same time. You are free to do anything else you like.

For me, Abilix Oculus is a step into the future of home appliances.

Sevenhugs smart remote

Now this is a product that really changes the game in CES 2017. Instead of classic rubber or plastic buttons, this remote uses a touch screen. It works in combination with sensors that you mount on the walls of your room. These sensors determine the location of Sevenhugs smart remote. Combined with internal motion sensor and accelerator the remote determines where it’s pointed to.

It works with over 2500 devices like TV, speakers, smart lights, air condition etc. In other words, almost all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Infrared devices. And if that doesn’t suffice, it can also call you an Uber. Next generation remote controller? I say yes.

CES 2017

(image source Techradar )

Project Ariana CES 2017

For all you games out there, this is a great new tech. When it comes to video games projectors, Project Ariana opens up a new gate.

This video projector uses two 3D cameras and a custom calibration software to adapt to your room. All in all, it gives you the best gaming experience ever. It detects your furniture and lightning inside your room in order to give you the best video effect.

So how does it work? Wide angle camera captures your room, recognizes your monitor and projects the video on your wall. No more multiple screens, no more blurred projections.

Project Ariana communicates with the game you play, in real time. It takes in effect your room lighting, your furniture, even your peripherals and blasts video over your entire room.

Neofect’s Rapael smart glove

This is one of the most useful products we could see on CES 2017. It’s a smart glove that helps the patients during physical therapy.

Imagine you’re a patient that lost his hand movement ability and need to go through physical therapy. Those can be so hard and so demotivating. Now imagine a glove that has movement sensors and uses Bluetooth technology to help you. The glove measures your fingers and hand movement, sends a biofeedback to the game and gives you appropriate tasks. These task include simple hand and fingers gestures that you make while playing a simple game. All the movements are based on clinical therapy movements and integrated into games. So no more difficult physical therapy, let the smart glove decide your tempo of progress.

PoverVision’s PowerRay

This is a groundbreaking technology when it comes to recreational fishing. PowerRay allows it’s user to watch live videos and photos of fish and underwater landscape. This gadget communicates via Wi-Fi and sends information of fish location to the user.

PowerRay works in saltwater and freshwater environments. Fishfinder add-on allows PowerRay to detect water temperature, fish location and landscape. With its 4k camera PowerRay takes pictures or videos and sends that data via Wi-Fi.  This new tech will bring in the revolution in fishing hobby. With all that available data, fishermen will be able to make steps ahead in order to catch a fish or avoid it.

So how did you like our list? Did we miss any new technology you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.