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How to do attention getting consumer promotions?

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Attention getting consumer promotions are usually applied by the companies stimulating interest in the publicity. These tactics are common for the big companies and usually are part of their marketing strategy.

Nowadays, to be able to get to the consumer’s attention it will require something more than just amazing product. However, there are few strategies to continuously grab your customer’s attention.


Contest and Sweeptakes:


We are all familiar with this method and it is very simple. The magic behind this strategy is to encourage the consumers to take an action. What does that actually mean?

What does usually happen when a new TV show begins? They usually try to engage the audience with some kind of activity or contest and the winner wins a sweeptake, (big cash price etc.)

The strategy does not hide much complexity. It works effectively and it is a good way to engage with the audience. The consumers would engage immediately for all kind of freebies. Attention getting consumer promotions involve all type of activities and the contests are one of them.



Premium cards are excellent attention getting consumer promotions. This strategy is very effective and widely used by many companies around the world. Usually, you would receive free items when buying a product. This can come as the form of extra accessory that might also be tight to the product itself, but not necessarily.

I just purchased a prepaid mobile voucher and I thought to bring it as an example as it is relative. Usually in the UK the mobile operators are selling their prepaid vouchers the following way.

If you purchase the voucher you would receive

  • Free 500 minutes
  • Free unlimited text
  • Free unlimited calls to the internal mobile network.

If you have seen it the word Free 3 times that’s your premium. It is very effective, repetitive and self-promoting method.



Perhaps one of the best ways to get hold of freebies. Many physical and online merchants use this strategy to promote and attract the attention of the consumer. Usually sampling is used if a new product range is launched and you want to testify the customer experience.

However, many online shops are shifting the samples for the big merchants and in return they harvest valuable customer date through the customer surveys.


Point of Sale Promotion (POS)


Point of sale promotion is another effective attention getting consumer promotions technique. This strategy would mainly involve grabbing the attention to your consumer. It also acts as a reminder of the product.

Usually the companies grab your attention thorough some sort of activity inside the store engaging with products. For example, in the UK there are some dancers or DJ’s being placed on the display to play all day long.

Sometimes the old fashion display, banner or a TV placed on the display does not do the magic. Something more creative and engaging is required in order to make people enter your store.


Product or a Brand placement


Product/Brand placement is one of my favorite strategies to promote a product. There is no way on earth that you have not come across product/brand promotion. The movies or TV programme are some of the most common of how to do attention getting consumer promotions.

If you do remember James Bond, you probably remember the Austin Martin too?

One of my favorite cars actually. It is not very difficult to spot these brands appearing on the wide screen. When the consumers see the brand/product they become more attached.

Every time the audience sees those products they develop more positive attitude towards the brand/product. Let me describe you, why do I like the car Austin Martin.

I feel that after seeing the James Bond movies. The feeling, I have about Austin Martin cars is on a different level. This car gives you the single muscular identity of a smart and dangerous man. It gives me the feeling that, I can be unstoppable  and do anything I want to.

It is rather emotional bridge that my brain has built between the car and my personality.

If you want to think about similar situations, ask yourself why do you like Apple products?

There other equally effective ways to promote a brand/product. Some companies use the game industry as a tool. It only matters, how big is the supportive revenue.


Cross Promotion (Attention Getting Consumer Promotions)

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Last but not least effective strategy is to use cross promotional engagement. Usually this means to offer a product logically related to the brand/product. This method is also related partially to the “Product or a Brand placement”.

This works the following way:

Every time the cinema lovers are presented with many advertisements, before the actually movie starts. So if we put this into perspective each promoted product should theoretically appear on each other’s promotion. It sounds confusing but still very effective and useful.

Companies prefer to partner up, whenever possible in order to boost up sales.

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