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Creative Infographic Elements And Templates For Download


In today’s digital world, more and more things are fighting for our attention. At the time we normally spend at work, we are faced with a five times greater amount of information than 30 years ago. One consequence of this is that our ability to concentrate within 12 seconds, 14 years ago, fell to the current eight seconds. Internet content must be fast, accessible and digestible. At the same time must be informative and fun.

People still like creative and precise infographics and they get a lot of attention today, as in the days when people were limited mainly to newspapers and magazines. In the digital world is a lot more information and it’s more able to visualize them. Robust animated graphics, interactive 3D animations, just think of the world of video games. The combination of superb graphics and all information collected through communication activities is the future. And so many things yet to come.

Mankind communicate through symbols, since its inception. It’s new way how infographics are used in communication and new media. Companies are investing more energy in the infographic, because their job is becoming more complex and the need for mediation demanding information in a simple and interesting way, grows. Social media is also an important factor because people love to share information that are beautiful and have significance. Information to help explain the interesting things in a fast and easy way.

There are too many forms of visual information that fall into the category of infographics. Therefore, you should use the infographic in all possible situations. As an illustration for an article, a miniature video as background communication. There are many different scenarios. To create a really good infographic you need someone who knows how to think in numbers and pictures. It is necessary to work closely with a variety of artists to find a complete solution for visual communication of desired idea. Keep up the idea of ​​storytelling. Try to find a story in simple numbers you see. It’s one of the secrets.

Computer graphics is one of the fundamental tools for creative communication, although there are many others. In any case, we see an increase in infographics in the digital world. So definitely use it as often as possible. Remember that it may be animated and used in the video too.

Below you can check fresh, new and creative infographic elements and templates for download:

Graphs and Diagrams

Business infographic elements collection, set of different graphs, charts and diagrams, vector eps10 illustration. Download here.


Evolution Infographic

Creative and elegant infographic template with lots of elements. Download here.


The Bundle Of Infographics. Teamwork

Bundle of Infographics includes 10 business hands teamwork infographics templates, a lot of cool vector elements. Download here.


Oil Infographic

Infographic Oil World Vector First edition with CC – Cs6 – Cs4 versions and the PSD CC edition. Download here.

Electricity Infographics Set

Electricity infographics set with energy and power generation symbols and charts vector illustration. Download here.


Allergies Infographics Set

Allergies infographics set with allegens diagnostics drugs symbols and charts vector illustration. Download here.

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Big Collection of Modern Infographic Elements

This bundle includes five collections that contains lots of different graph styles, pie charts, timelines and creative elements. All elements are 100% vector files created with Adobe Illustrator CS6 so you can resize them without having to worry about losing quality. Download here.




Infographic Design Elements

Vector shapes and text resizable, customizable and fully editable. Download here.

Modern Design Elements Infographic Template

Modern Design Elements Infographic Template. ZIP file contains original AI file, EPS file and PSD file. Files well organized and layered.Fully editable. customize and resize.easy to use. Ready to use in any project. Download here.




Smartphone Infographics Set

Smartphone infographics set with human hand holding mobile phone vector illustration. Download here.

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